The Week #162

The Alexa Docu-Series: That quote above is Christopher Kane on Alexa Chung and her talented ways. I jest, it was actually about creatives within the fashion industry. Seriously though, British Vogue were on to a winner when they paired up with Alexa to create a documentary series on YouTube about all things fashion. The aim is to challenge the common misconception that fashion is a vapid and laughable thing and if the first episode was anything to go by, they're well on the way to achieving exactly that. If you want to watch the first episode you can check it out here

Feeling Fruity: Etsy has often been one of my favourite sites for its unique, handmade wares. It's the best place to find a variety of gifts or treats for yourself, particularly when it comes to anything pop culture. Today though I want to share the cutest stationery I found from the Brazilian store, Studio Matte. Pictured are her fruity bookmarks, which I actually found on a Buzzfeed post a while back. There's also some rad metallic notebooks and peony prints too. Check the store out here and if you want a preview of my order, they've 'grammed it 

Almond Milk that tastes drinkable: For a while now I've wondered if I have a slight dairy allergy because soy milk and almond milks+other nut milks seem to not make me feel ick. Sorry if that was TMI. Anyway a few weeks back I grabbed a carton of So Good's Almond Milk with Vanilla from the supermarket and it is delicious. It's not too sweet but it just gives the milk that extra hint of flavour it needs sometimes for things like hot drinks. It's relatively inexpensive and tastes great. I hope they don't discontinue it because I rather like it.

Riley Marie: I'm going to be making a post about Booktubers I rate soon but today I wanted to share with you Riley's channel. She's an American book lover and enjoys fantasy YA books + YA fiction in general. She does some really awesome tags and her videos are always really fun to watch. Her recommendations are great too. Definitely check her channel out+subscribe if you haven't already.

*Have an awesome weekend guys. This week's been fab-the highlight being hanging with Fiona and talking about our favourite thing (makeup). We also went to Dear Jervois where I had the most amazing muesli bowl on earth for lunch, complete with strawberries and edible flowers. I also went to an event for Auckland Fair which was fun too. More on that soon. This weekend I'm going to my favourite local cafe, sleeping in and making a to-do list for when I'm in Wellington next week. Food+cafe+things to see/do recommendations are welcome! x

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