The September Issues

September symbolises the changing of the seasons and also one of the most important months on the fashion magazine calendar. September issues are hotly anticipated, not only for their cover stars and number of pages. It's seen as a time for reinvention, inspiration and a clean slate. Hence it is dubbed 'the January' in fashion. American Vogue is notorious for their extremely hefty September issues, this year's has 800 plus pages alone. Today though I wanted to focus on September issues that I've picked up, both within fashion and outside of it. One of the first blogs I read, Girlwithasatchel used to do this most months with magazines so I thought I'd put my spin on it..

British Vogue, September issue-All hail British Vogue for regularly putting kickass women on their covers. Seriously, I can't think of a muse of mine that's not been on their covers and as a result on my bookshelf. Covers and Emma Watson appreciating aside, British Vogue is still my favourite of all the Vogues. There's always the perfect balance of inspiring editorials and insightful stories. Their beauty pages are pretty top notch too if that's your kind of thing.

Frankie Magazine, issue 67-Frankie have seriously been on top of their cover game this year and this one is hands down my favourite. This issue also has a couple of bonuses in there, one of two collectible art prints (mine is on my pinboard ) and also their first inclusion of fiction stories. There's also a flower village aka heaven, a lady who makes books by hand, flatmates and whether their situation is really like Jess Day's and more.

Fashion Quarterly, Spring 2015-How dreamy is this cover? Antonia Prebble+floral walls=perfection. Fashion Quarterly mightn't be as accessible overseas but if you're ever passing through NZ and want a glimpse into our fashion culture and trends, I highly recommend you grab a copy. As the cover boldly states, this month's issue is about all things film. There's interviews with costume designers from some of our most iconic moments on screen, a really rad Royal Tenenbaums inspired editorial, a brilliant glossary for all the key beauty terms of the moment (strobing anyone?) and a whole heap of fashiony goodness. 

Teen Vogue, September 2015-My copy of Teen Vogue's September issue arrived on Monday so I've not really had a proper chance to look through it yet. How good is that cover though? Ansel Elgort *swoon*. There's an amazing beauty editorial inside with Lisa Eldridge, Suki and Imogen Waterhouse, a look at the transgender community and of course a plethora of Fall fashion trends to incorporate. The September issue's of Teen Vogue are usually good but I feel like their October issues, the Young Hollywood ones tend to stand out that little bit more.

Collective magazine, issue 24-So this is technically not a September issue but it's available in New Zealand for most of the month so I'm including it here. There's something about Collective that just makes you want to go out and do amazing things. It helps that there's a tonne of inspiring interviews and stories throughout, but those words of wisdom on paper really up the motivational ante. If you're a bit of a design buff, the whole magazine is designed really well and there's plenty of striking visuals throughout. Now this one is a bit of a mission to find here in NZ but if you can get yourself a copy, buy it. 

*What magazines have you read and enjoyed recently?

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