Brilliant Blogs, Edition 1.

Blogs are so much better to peruse than whiling away the hours on Facebook, are they not? Here are two of my personal favourites which are both unique, charmingly written and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Cecylia.com is a Melbourne style blog created by Cecylia Kee who wanted an outlet outside of her day job where she could post on all things fashion. She regularly posts images of outfits which she wears out and about on Melbourne adventures as well as inside looks at the places she visits with the people she sees.

I really love the almost whimsical quality to her posts. This one in particular at Disneyland and this always make me smile.

Be sure to like her page over on Facebook as well.

Lemonwood and Honey is the brainchild of my lovely friend Britney. Her blog encompasses he magical and the mysterious, neatly tying them all together in one brown paper package. She regularly posts on topics like music, the stars (and space),c raft, literature and cooking. There are some seriously good 'Cauldron Cake' a la Harry Potter recipes on there if you hunt hard enough.

Britney secretly goes to Hogwarts School. Just quietly...

I particularly love her 'Wordy Wednesday' posts as well as her photo journalling.

Also be sure to look at her Tumblr here.

Image Credits

-Screen Caps-Taken from the blogs themselves by me.
-Photos of Cecylia from her blog.
-Photo of Britney from her blog.


  1. Haha Oh my! You are way to lovely! Thankyou so much. AHHHHH IT MADE MY DAY EVEN MORE AWESOME!!!! Thankyou so much lovely! We must catch up soon!!!

    1. No worries! Your blog is rather lovely, and rather brilliant. Yes please, let's catch up very soon. xx