Fashion-A Year in Review. Part 2.

Here's the second part of last week's, well even last year's post. I've focused more on trends of 2011, as opposed to events. Although there were so many memorable moments of both that it was difficult to choose just ten. I hope you enjoy them!

6) The year of the Covers.

-Vogue Australia is probably one of the smaller titles under the Conde Nast umbrella. Yet this year it has been gaining international recognition, with its editorials being repeatedly showcased on 'Fashion Gone Rogue's' site. Their covers this year have been breathtaking. My personal favourite was the March cover with its vibrant colours and minimal text, which can often be a visual distraction rather than an aid.

7) Razzle dazzle 'em.

-Everyone loves a little glitz and sparkle. Its almost nostalgic and definitely fairylike. Glittered pieces were appearing in the work of designers everywhere this year, particularly in the accessories department. Glittered brogues anyone? Sequins, glitter and sparkles bought smiles to many a fashionista's face, and proved a welcome distraction from the universal troubles of the world. Let's hope they stay around in 2012!

8) Sass and Bide.

-I don't know what cave I'd been in up until quite recently, but obviously it's been very sheltered if Sass and Bide only recently caught my eye. Many of their pieces paid homage to two of my favourite elements; tribal and sparkle. The fringed skirt and embellished maxi particularly struck me as stunning, but there were so many more I could have chosen to showcase.

9) Frida Kahlo Finery.

-Frida Kahlo's often been the source of inspiration for the fashion world, with her bold colours and floral garlands, not to mention braids which I'll explore more later. This Frida Kahlo shoot by Wendy Bevan for Marie Claire Italia in particular stands out, along with the DIY garlands featured on Rookie.

10) I'm as free as my hair.

-Finally, messy hair is being embraced and us ladies can breathe a collective sigh of relief! There's almost an art to creating these dishevelled, yet oh so glamourous looks. Although they are definitely more accessible than some styles we've seen in previous seasons.

Image Credits:

1) Vogue Australia, October 2011 from fashiongonerogue.

2) Miu Miu Shoes, from style.com.

3) Sass and Bide's Lifechangers dress, from the Sass and Bide 'Winning Day' look-book.

4) Image by Wendy Bevan for Marie Claire Italia, 2011.

5) Image from Pinterest.com.


  1. I hope that glitter stays for this year too! Actually if it doesn't "stay" I'll still be wearing it! :D

    1. Britney, me too! Glitter deserves to have a presence in our lives. x