The Reading Pile

It's not really advisable to have regrets, or so we're told. I have one though, as a child I was an avid reader and would get through so many books rather quickly, all whilst loving losing myself in the worlds of the writers who's work I chose to explore. Fast forward a decade or so and I never seem to have the time to pick up a book and read it for as long as I'd like to. Anyway, at the start of the year I went through my 'inventory', if you will and made a list of the books I've got waiting for me to read. There are 26 excluding library books and magazines, so my goal is to have them all read by the end of this year.

So without further ado, here a first glimpse at what I am either currently reading, or about to begin looking at. 

The Distant Hours, Kate Morton (After finding an excerpt of this book in the bookstore last year and being captivated by it, I knew that this book would make it to my reading pile some day. The time came over Christmas when a bookstore had a 'buy one, get one half price' on all books).

Cecil Beaton's 'Fair Lady', Cecil Beaton (Found on an unexpected journey to a second hand bookstore in a small town, which makes it more special to me. I'm yet to read this but from what I can gather so far it's more or less a diary Beaton kept whilst working on 'My Fair Lady' with Audrey Hepburn in 1964 and his musings on the activity on and off set).

The Teen Vogue Handbook, compiled by Lauren Waterman (This book is quite possibly the fashion bible for anyone wanting to get into the Fashion Industry or just to learn more about how people like Marc Jacobs, Anna Wintour etc got their starts).

Smith Journal Magazine, by the lovely people who brought us Frankie Magazine (The best way to sum up this title would be to say that basically it's Frankie magazine's brother, so yes it's more for the boys. In saying that there are some great articles for the girls to enjoy too!).

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