Wondrous Walls.

Blank walls are very much blank canvases in my eyes. To those who love visuals, walls can be a way of creating life-sized collages, vision boards or even mock-magazine layouts all in one easy access space!

The best thing about this form of creating your own personal gallery if you will is that it needn't be a costly exercise.

  • These are all collages which were made for my high school note folders using an assortment of computer images, magazine segments and perfume sample cards. It took me a while to decide how to reuse these but I think they look fantastic on my wardrobe doors.

  • My black and white photo collage is possibly my favourite wall feature which I've made so far.  To achieve this I firstly sourced images from sites like Fashion Gone Rogue and friend's Tumblrs, then it was simply a matter of getting them all printed out. From memory I had about forty or fifty photos done for roughly 7-8 dollars, at a local HP photo centre. Then armed with blutack I made the selection you see before you. *

  • Pin boards are the easiest way to display images, personal mementoes, anything a drawing pin can deal with really! Mine gets updated bimonthly with a variety of my own photos, magazine clippings, cards and more. Pin-boards are great for displaying a lot of things at once, are relatively cost effective if you use items you have already and are a great way to showcase your favourite things, rather than having them in storage.

  • Brochures are often great to bring home from shows in particular, especially if you don't wish to ruin your souvenir programs! These are all brochures I've collected from shows I've seen overseas. The Audrey Hepburn photos are from a calendar I was given and saved at the end of one year, and the print you see is by artist 'Dear Colleen' and can be found here. Collecting and grouping similar photos together of what interests you is another effective way of displaying what you love.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the visuals that are around my room. For more decorating ideas read this post here over on Style Rookie or browse my 'For the Home' and 'Living Spaces' boards on Pinterest.

*NOTE-For more effective results, get your images printed 'Matte' instead of 'Glossy'. It shouldn't cost you any extra and if pictures are pixellated this type of print masks it better, so they look outstanding up close and from afar. 

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