January in pictures.

This wasn't going to be a monthly post but because I tend to take crazy amounts of photos since I upgraded my phone, it'd be a shame not to showcase them!

1) Revisited my inner child when I did some colouring in to send via post to friends.
2) Said hello to the tropics. Not really, this is a palm tree in our backyard. 
3) Watched 'Mary Poppins' before bed one night with Dick Van Dyke, Julie Andrews, Karen Dotrice & Richard+Robert Sherman commentary.
4) Blogger's tools-Camera+Notebook for writing out posts and planning them.
5) Had a Whittakers Hot Chocolate at a cafe in Auckland which was to die for.
6) Listened to David Sedaris read his stories, the man's a wizard with words. 
7) Made Almond Macarons with a Chocolate filling. They failed spectacularly but still tasted amazing.
8) Made my first pinboard for 2012. 
9) Delighted at the rare moments of sunshine we had this month.
10) Visited one of my favourite water features outside the Art Gallery, and got drenched, but let's not go there....

-All images captured using the Instagram application for iPhone.

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