Monday Muse

Is it wrong that today's individual can be classified as a 'muse' yet be so youthful? Possibly, but I like to think inspiration like magic, can be found anywhere. You just have to believe in its existence first!

Over the last year or so the world has been under Elle's spell, particularly the fashion circles.

It's not just Elle's impeccable fashion sense which has myself and countless others captivated though. She isn't just your typical thirteen year old, as emphasised here in an interview with Tavi Gevinson of 'Style Rookie'. 

Here's an excerpt:

One of my favorite things about that movie [Virgin Suicides] is their teenage bedroom and all the little details. Do you have any little keepsakes or favorite parts of your room like that?
Every year I get a new Barbie calendar and there are all these old Barbie dolls on the calendar, and I’m very obsessed with schedules and everything, so I love writing in different things that I have each day on it. So that’s one of my favorite things in my room. I also am obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, and I went to an auction and got her face cream and powder. Her actual one! (She has Marilyn Monroe's face cream and  powder! How awesome is that??)


Did I mention she's also one of Rodarte's muses and stars in this video above? As if we needed any more reason to love her!

Image Credits:

1) From a friend's tumblr, I cannot remember who's though sorry!

2) From a photo shoot for W Magazine, which can be seen in its entirety here.

3) From Marc Jacob's fall 2011, campaign shot by Juergen Teller via Fashion Gone Rogue.

4) By Terry Richardson, from his Tumblr.


  1. Elle is gorgeous, and she looks like such a great person. Dakota's got some real competition.