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For those of you who don't know Zowie, she is one of the hottest acts to come out of New Zealand in the last couple of years. She's opened for Katy Perry on her tour of Australia + New Zealand, caught the attention of Perez Hilton and has been signed with Sony Music. Her debut album Love Demolition was released last month and it has already been named one of the albums of the year by Pop Justice.

My Calculator is the first single off Zowie's new album. It is upbeat. catchy and guaranteed to have you dancing around the room. I love the music video too. The styling and concept is amazing. Look out for the cat cameo too, it's super cute!!

"I find that a lot of designers inspire me as I’m writing as I think about the whole thing, like about the video and what outfits would suit that song etc… Generally when I’m writing a track though, it starts from something real and personal that has happened to me and then tends to evolve in a different direction. I’ll somehow make it end up having double meanings and have you wondering if I’m being dirty or nasty, or nice or what. I always try to make sure that people can relate to it. "

 -Zowie on her inspiration, from this interview.

-Zowie for Remix Magazine's 15th Birthday issue, shot by Hannah Richards. 

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