Today I was wonderstruck by Wocolate. My wishlist includes...

Wocolate is a local online store which stocks wondrous things. Owners Josh & Sarah's aim is to;  fill this store with goods of character that one will cherish and will endure, with prices that are affordable so they are accessible to everyone. There are so many nostalgic and beautiful items in their store which you will fall in love with. 

Here's a selection of some of my favourite things from Wocolate:

1. Fluoro Pink Cambridge Satchel, $205. I have a brown one of these & they are such gorgeous bags. They also store quite a lot as well, if you're creative with that.

2. Flower Bomb Earrings in Black, $30. These are currently on sale & would make great statement earrings. The colour is versatile enough that these could be worn with a lot of different looks as well.

3. Happy Socks, $24. As I said a couple of weeks ago these would be great for winter. Wocolate stock a wide range of colours so you could even mix & match pairs, if you're feeling brave.

4. Holga 120FN Camera, $89. Thanks to Instagram & Polaroid's revival, film photography is making a comeback. This camera is an affordable price too & they even stock the film. A girl can never have too many cameras.

5. MT Washi Tape in Apricot Dots, $5. I love this tape. You don't just need to use it for gift wrapping & sealing envelopes. Mine is often used for decorating diary pages, letters, timetables, anything really.

6. Pushpin Butterfly Collection, $19. These are also currently on sale & would be perfect for pinboards. They'd probably also look great framed in simple glass frames.

7. Magic Garden, $17.50.  Who just got hit by a wave of nostalgia when they saw these? I love that Wocolate stocks them. I remember making one when I was much younger & how textured those pink trees were. 

8. Retro Blue Striped Paper Straws, $15.50. I've also seen red versions of these straws around but these blue ones are just as neat. They're eco friendly too & look far prettier than the plastic equivalents. They are also stunning when placed in glass bottles or jars.

9. Bandit Print, $20. Devon Smith, a local designer has done this illustration & also has her zines available in Wocolate's store. Have a look because her work is stunning.

10. The Great Gatsby, $14. To be entirely truthful, I haven't read a lot of classic literature, other than what was on the Literature syllabus in school. Baz Luhrmann's new film version though may change that. I'd quite like to read this before the film's release. In fact it'd be perfect for my holiday reading.

-All images have been sourced from the Wocolate site & all pricing is in New Zealand dollars. 

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  1. so cute!! Great list hun, I love the Bandit print :D