What I Love Weekly #7

1. Money, money, money. I was quite pleased to earn some money this week. It's going straight into the overseas travel fund for use later this month.

2. This video. One of Leah's regular clients is Zowie, a musician from New Zealand. I love this tutorial. How cute are those Hello Kitty bows & jewels? Next time I visit Leah I might have to treat myself to jewel encrusted nails as well.

3. Sleeping in. One of the benefits of not having to wake up at 5am three times a week, like I usually have to do. I love lying in & reading on the cold mornings, which Auckland seems to be having a lot of at the moment.

4. All that glitters is gold. Last Friday I was up early to look at the Hey Sailor collection & score the very last Old Gold pigment at MAC Britomart. Later that day Leah custom blended this colour (see below) for my nails using my pigment & smart gel. She even added some butterfly detailing because I loved the Monarch Butterfly nails she had done for another client. I've also been experimenting with another gold beauty product this week. More on that later...

My latest nails as done by Leah Light.

5. What's Mine Is Mine. I loved this conversation between Tavi, Sonja & Maggie. I'm sure we all have had moments where we've not wanted to share our favourite things with others, because they're that precious to us. Even accepting that people we don't like will have similar interests to us can be painful at times. Have a read.

6. Tuesday. The Queen of Pop I spoke of on Monday arrived in the country. Myself & two of my friends were there to see Lady Gaga arriving. Unfortunately she went inside just before she got to us at the barricade, but she did blow us a kiss! We enjoyed anticipating her return (which didn't happen), meeting her security guard in a coffee shop and being interviewed by a journalist though.

7. America Direct, the best and worst thing to happen to my wallet, and no doubt some of my friend's as well. You can buy products from MAC & Sephora at American prices. I paid for my order yesterday & I can't wait for it to arrive so I can share my purchases with you all.

8. Conversation in general. Make time to talk to the amazing people in your life. Listen to their stories, learn new things, gain wisdom. Talking with special people (as cheesy as it sounds) makes the day brighter.

9. Born This Way Ball. I'll try to not be too detailed as some of my friends are going tonight, and I don't want anyone getting upset by spoilers. Lady Gaga was so amazing. I sung, I screamed, I covered myself in glitter. She gave us some important messages to think about. I'm sharing this one with you; "You can never invalidate the power of Born This Way...It's got this hold over people that's so much bigger than the music...It's made me proud to be your pop star...I never wanted to be anybody's Queen. I still don't. I never set out into this business to become part of this business. Anything shallow or insubstantial, anything that's vain or ego driven means nothing to me."


  1. I forgot to tell you how awesome your nails are when I saw you today!!
    It was great to catch up!
    I love number eight :D
    -Britney of Lemonwood and Honey

    1. Aww thank you!! Leah is one incredibly talented lady. There was so much of Number 8 happening today & this week. LOVED it! x

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! You would've looked so glamourous for GAGA!! Just discovered your blog, so having a good ol' sticky!!

    :) Hazel