New to the beauty bazaar: Benefit, Chanel, Glitzy Lips & MAC.

So I haven't really bought many new beauty products lately. I'm waiting for an order from America Direct to arrive and have my eyes on a couple of Duty Free must-haves. Below are a couple of new products I've acquired recently, as well as some not so recent purchases. Nonetheless they are new in the sense that I am only just starting to really use them now.

1. La Ligne De Chanel-Eyeliner duo in Noir Lame, price unknown. This was a Sephora purchase in Paris a year or so ago. As you can see it is a rather unusual eyeliner in the sense that it is a powdered formula. You can apply this wet or dry using an eyeliner brush. I like layering the glittered black over the top of the plain black on the left. It is incredibly easy to use and lasts for hours. Unfortunately this product cannot be purchased in New Zealand. However, you can find it here.

2. Glitzy Lips-Lip foil in Don't Copper Me, $15 for Salon application/$55 for a kit containing approximately 30 applications. Glitzy Lips is a relatively new product to the beauty scene. It is a foil which won't fade, flake or foul for 8 hours. I was lucky enough to be given this product to try by Leah and I love it so far, but I'm only halfway there. If you're applying this at home be wary this is not a process that should be rushed! In fact, if you rush this it won't work. I've managed to perfectly do my bottom lip and it looked amazing on. One day soon though, when I am feeling extra patient I will try again. If you're interested in owning/having Glitzy Lips applied you can contact Leah here

3. MAC Cosmetics, Fix+ Spray, $38. Fix+ is the product MAC's artists swear by and it is easy to see why. It is infused with green tea, chamomile and cucumber, then topped off with the scent of Sugi. I spritz this before and after I apply my makeup. Even on days when I'm not wearing makeup in the morning I still spritz this. Your skin will thank you for this one.

4. Benefit Cosmetics, Erase Paste in Medium, price unknown. This was a purchase from Myer in Melbourne after L and I had our makeup done. What it does is it camouflages any dark circles, discolouration and imperfections on the skin. I use this to cover any blemishes before setting it with powder. The concealer comes with a spatula but I prefer dabbing it on with a concealer brush, then blending it in with my fingers. This product works amazingly and leaves your skin looking natural. Again this cannot be readily purchased in New Zealand, although I know Magic Tan were stocking this for a while. It can definitely be found overseas though.

Image Credits:

-Chanel Liner sourced from Amazon.
-Glitzy Lips via this post.
-Fix+ from here.
-Erase Paste via Benefit Cosmetics.

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