What I Love Weekly #6

1. This song. As I mentioned yesterday, I was given Back to Black last week. I've had this track playing a lot over the last few days and in my opinion it's one of Amy's best songs.

2. Endings. Yesterday Semester 1 of University came to a close. Catching up on sleep, spending time doing whatever/whenever all seem pretty idyllic right about now. I like the sound of all of those and they will definitely all be happening.

3. Exercise! It was freezing when I went out for a walk & run but after a little while the cold became unnoticeable. I love going out & exercising by myself with music & nature for company.

4. Florence & the Machine's Ceremonials tour. J & I queued for over 4 hours but it was worth it, getting to be second row for the entire show more or less. Florence is amazing live! She was spinning all over the stage in her floaty black dress. It was like we were all part of her secret ceremonials.

One of the many photos I took. I think this might be my favourite.

5. Not being disappointed. My friend & I experienced something rather unexpected this week. We talked about it afterwards & both realised that we felt the same. It wasn't worth being bothered by it. Sometimes the most devastating of things really aren't worth getting upset about, especially if you examine the bigger picture. It's taken me years to accept that.

6. "When someone shows you who they are, believe them." That quote was on one of Isaac's blog posts this week. How you interpret that is up to you. I like it though because it reminds us to be tuned in to someone's character, always. That's how I see it at least.

7. The lovely Colleen of Dear Colleen launched a new store yesterday & it is loaded with some great things. My picks include this Sister from Another Mister sweatshirt ($66) & the 'Heart' print ($29). I've already ordered one of the Skills To Pay The Bills sweaters but that ribbon font is so lovely. Maybe I'll have to get another.

Images via the Dear Colleen store.

8. Butterfly by Alexandros Pissourios. This video came about as a result of Dazed Magazine's Butterfly photo shoot from their June issue. Dazed say; "Beauty was realised by Chanel global creative director for make-up Peter Philips, an artist known for his emotive touch. Philips' work often incorporates feathers, pearls, fabrics, mosaics – and in Richard Burbridge's War Hero shoot, doll parts." This video is beautiful. The whole concept & the makeup looks are stunning. Have a look at the editorial as well. Thanks M for sharing this with me!

9. My new floral shirt from Glassons. The House of G have really been on top of their game lately, and when I saw this shirt I knew it'd go perfectly with my tailored trousers, also from Glassons. I may have been a bit inspired by one of Florence's looks from the What The Water Gave Me video. Maybe...

10. Soy Mochas. Where have you been all my life? These are seriously good, better than the real deal.

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