Monday Marvel #1

An extremely gifted artist wrote in her first column for V Magazine; "An expertise in the vocabulary of fashion, art, and pop culture requires a tremendous amount of studying...in my downtime-I was analysing and studying my library."

It is with that in mind that I bring you my new Monday post. It is so important to constantly surround yourself with inspiration. For instance, I have a fashion magazine library, a shoebox full of magazine tears, notes from friends and art prints among other things. If I walk into a clothing or shoe store, I will be able to tell you what designer has inspired a piece.

Every Monday I will be bringing you something I've found which has personally inspired me. It could be anything; from an editorial, to a window display, a book cover or even a quote I've read. I hope that it'll inspire you to always have your eyes open and to always seek out creativity.

Today I bring you Christian Lacroix Papier. For those who don't know me personally, I love stationery, especially when it's designed & presented well. I could easily spend an hour or two in Auckland's Pencil Boutique. 

Since its inception in 1987, the House of Christian Lacroix has electrified the fashion world with its collections inspired by Gypsy and Provençal traditions, and by the flamboyant Haute Couture scene in Paris and London during the "Swinging 60's."

Today, with the "Christian Lacroix Papier" collection, we invite you to share in this celebration of the 
singular French "joie de vivre".

This collection is a unique opportunity for those of us who (sadly) cannot afford  Lacroix's couture to own some of his exquisite illustrations and designs.  The range is of an extremely high quality. Notebook covers and postcards will be embossed or feature fabric embellishments. They are all such beautiful pieces to own.

My Auckland readers will be pleased to know that Pencil stock some of the notebooks and correspondence cards. I also know that Dymocks on George St in Sydney sell this range. Otherwise these products can be bought online and internationally where specialty stationery items are sold.

-Images via Libretto Group.

-Pictured are; Les Anges Baroques notebook, Oro Y Plata correspondence cards and Feria notebook. 

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