An afternoon at the shops

A few weekends ago I went out & did what I call 'proper' shopping. It was great to just go out by myself & shop without any time limits, distractions etc. That's not to say I don't like shopping with other people, I do. Sometimes though it's just nicer to go by yourself when you know exactly what you're after & what shops you want to go to etc.

I managed to pick up a few essentials & extra things I wanted so I thought I'd show you them all here;

Some MOR Treats!
1) MOR Cosmetics' Lychee Flower Hand Cream-$15 & Lychee Flower Perfume Oil-$25 from Redcurrent.

Only the best bracelet in my world-for now at least.

2) Diva rose gold chain bracelet-$14.99 & ring $9.99 (I think). I am obsessed with rose gold pieces at the moment. They're so gorgeous. I'm hoping to go back & get the matching necklace later in the week, fingers crossed that they're still in store!


3) Cotton On Body makeup bag-$4.99. Not too keen about the design but it is easy to find in my bag every day & holds enough of my bulkier makeup items to keep me happy.

A sheerer dupe for Chanel's Glossimer in Jalousie.

4) E.L.F minty lip gloss-$9.99 from Bling. I bought this because it reminded me of my Chanel gloss & I wanted to try an E.L.F product. It's a good gloss once you get over the mint flavour. I didn't think it'd be bad but at first my lips smelt like they'd been coated in spearmint toothpaste. Some people may like that though.

Those necklaces I cannot stop wearing.

5) Forever New Electra Spike Station Necklace-$29.99. I wear these together or separately most days & they're easily becoming a permanent staple in my weekly wardrobe.

Also can't stop wearing these. I probably should though!

6) Forever New ballet flats-$49.99. So comfortable & gorgeous. These were my go-to shoes during Fashion Week. I got through the whole week without wearing high heels & it was worth it. I left nearly blister free on Friday afternoon.

-All photos have been edited with either Vintage Melody or Rose Feeling actions by Alexandra Sophie.

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