Monday Marvel #13

So every two months something not so unexpected & rather magical happens; a new issue of Frankie magazine is released! Many of you probably know already that I love Frankie, I've collected 20 or so issues & read them all cover to cover. It's a fantastic magazine & it never fails to disappoint me. Issue 49 is no exception from what I've seen so far.

Here's what I saw flicking through the issue.

Whilst reading the latest issue of Frankie you can expect to; a) have a nose around Cat Power's abode, b) meet a whole load of people who sing sad songs for fun, c) learn the history of lady explorers, d) read about how creatives get themselves creative every day, and e) goggle at a whole load of pretty new skirts.
You may also find: Bat For Lashes, nostalgic ice-creams, handmade lace, ideas for growing fruit on your balcony, a guide to Muslim fashion, reflections on why the internet is for cats, a look at how pop-up art events are helping Christchurch rebuild and four writers reflecting on feminist classics. Plus all your usual craftiness, artiness, silliness and thinkiness*.

Frankie 49 as far as I know isn't in all New Zealand newsagents yet but Magnation have it in their stores or you can buy it online from Foxes. I'd say it should be in all bookstores within the next week or so though.

I'm off now to find a cosy spot to read the latest issue before Fashion Week madness fully sets in. The provisional schedule tells me that I should be writing about both Company of Strangers & Juliette Hogan tomorrow so keep your eyes out for it!

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