The most exciting week-ever!

Many of you will already know that this week is New Zealand Fashion Week. Well I am one of the bloggers contributing to the official NZFW blog, NZ Fashion Files. A lot of people have been asking me about what that is, what I did in my walk through yesterday etc so I thought I'd do a post answering all those questions & just letting you know where you can find my work this week!

I'd also suggest if you're wanting to see the shows broadcasted to keep an eye on TV3 on Demand this week. All the shows are being filmed & will be uploaded within 12 hours of them commencing. It's always good to be able to watch the shows as well as seeing photographs of what went on.

So on Sunday afternoon I went in to the Viaduct Events Centre (Fashion Week's home) for what is called a walk through. Basically we got taken through the venue, & I mean the entire venue. We saw everything! It was amazing. One of the highlights for me was seeing the MAC Cosmetics lockers which are assigned to top Fashion Media attending Fashion Week & learning that MOR will be keeping the venue smelling amazing all week with their gorgeous candles! 

We were also given a rundown on what happens prior to Fashion Week shows. Fashion Week is one massive event & my hat goes off to everybody involved in organising & being a part of the event because it is carefully orchestrated chaos.

Image via Pinterest.

So that's all well & good, but what exactly will I be doing, you ask? Well, basically each show is assigned 3 bloggers. One person goes into the show venue prior & photographs the goodie bags & the run sheet, another interviews the designer prior to the show & asks them a few questions & another speaks to the hair & makeup teams, models etc. All this content will then be uploaded within two hours of the show taking place. Basically NZ Fashion Files will provide you with a behind the scenes look into what happens at Fashion Week which is something the public rarely gets to see. All the action will be photographed by two Samsung Photographers as well. When we aren't interviewing & working on blog posts we are allowed to attend shows, provided there is space! How exciting is that? 

You will be able to view my posts & photos from tomorrow in a variety of places & I'll put all the links below so you can find my writing & photos. I am also hoping to post reviews on shows I attend & content from FW on this blog so make sure you keep clicking here as well.

Thank you NZFW for this exciting opportunity! I cannot wait for the week to start.

Valuable Links;

-NZ Fashion Files Posts; http://nzfashionfiles.com/.

-My Instagram Photos; Follow @nanawintour. (Note these won't be live as I cannot post any of my own photos until after the shows have ended). 

-NZ Fashion Week's Facebook Page; https://www.facebook.com/nzfashionweek.

-NZ Fashion Week's Instagram; @nzfashionwk.

That's all the links I can think of for now. If I remember any more I'll add them in.

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