September in Pictures

Well September you were, and still are; Super, surprising, styling (for the first part), shocking & finally sunny. In just over a month I will be on Summer Holidays & making my way through the DIY's & scrumptious Recipes I've been pinning as well as starting some other projects. I can't wait!

In the meantime, here is what my iPhone & Instagram documented this month. I also use Pic Fx a fair bit too, if you don't have that app you are missing out-It is like a never ending wardrobe of filters, to borrow a Narnia reference.

My MOTD for my last day at NZFW-Simple but with a bold red lip. I was too tired to bother with much else by this point.
DIVINE Macarons from the Clevedon Markets. These are easily the best you can find within Auckland & Joanne's flavour selection is fantastic. Check out her website here.

Dream: I went to Rarotonga for a week. Reality: A palm tree on an incredibly sunny day at University.
Coke came to Uni last week & you could get custom bottles made. I don't drink Coke but these flags did make me smile.

Flowers in the craft store. These would be perfect for decorations, or making the DIY floral headbands which I pinned not so long ago.
Isn't this top cute? It's a bit hard to see but it also has a gorgeous collar & has been paired with a spiked necklace. One of my favourite looks for spring.

The best Kiwi Yo I ever did create. It contains Pink Lemonade & Banana Berry frozen yoghurt, as well as the mandatory sweets. Delish. 
One of the pretty coloured chandeliers at NZFW. Look at the twinkling lights.

A gorgeous coat that was shown during Charlie Brown's show at NZFW. Spot the local celeb in the background.
Honeydukes at the Harry Potter Party! Such a cool set up. There were even Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean boxes.

The new love of my lipstick life, Creme Cup by MAC Cosmetics.
My latest pinboard! I wanted bright colours for spring & drew inspiration from flowers & wild tea parties.

Some of my shoes! Apparently I have an appreciation for flats.
How cute is the interior of Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar? Those milk bottle lights are my favourite.

My setup one afternoon, an Audrey Hepburn cushion, a good book & Rainbow Nerds.
One of MAC's areas backstage at NZFW. I think this was for Company of Strangers.

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