What I Love Weekly #20

1. I am still loving the Electra Spike necklace that I purchased a few weeks or so ago now, it is the easiest necklace to wear & it's becoming a permanent staple in my wardrobe.

2. The bag of MOR Goodies I got on Tuesday, you may have seen them in this post. All the products are from the Pink Marshmallow range & I've used the perfume oil several times this week. I can't wait to try all the other goodies I got.

3.  For about a year or so now I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of glittered loafers or brogues. Every time I came close to buying some they'd sell out or I'd forget about it. Well last week I found some glittery gold loafers & they just had to come home with me. They're from Wild Pair & were an absolute bargain at $40. See them for yourself here.

4. The Trelise Cooper show was hands down my favourite show from fashion week. It was stunning & I still can't stop thinking about that gorgeous floral pant suit & of course all the pretty lights. My review will be up in the not too distant future.

Image by Isabella from Views of Now. Here's the original.

5. Do you love making lists & own an iPhone/iPod touch? You need to download Wunderlist. It is perfect if you're like me & forever lose lists in your handbag. You can check off individual items when you've done them & use the star button to rearrange their orders. The notepad on my phone is now officially redundant.

6. Aych's post about front row etiquette at Fashion Week. I saw quite a bit of front row crashing this week & then awkward "You're in my seat" discussions. It makes interesting reading & I'll definitely be pulling it out to read again at the next Fashion Week.

7. Dollymix, where have you been all my life? For anyone wondering what on earth that is, Dollymix is basically a selection of coloured fondant sweets & sugar coated jellies. It is a British invention & is seriously cute + yummy.

8. Spring cleaning. Last week I gave my room a much needed spring-clean & said goodbye to a lot of clothes, all my Russh magazines (Nobody tell me to undo this, it was a difficult decision) & other items taking up unnecessary space. It was totally worth it & I love having a much less cluttered space. 

9. Never underestimate the brilliance that is a recently replaced mascara, especially when it is your favourite. 

10. This post by Isabella about her Beauty Essentials. I always love reading about what other beauty products people use & love. It is the best way to find new products to try.

11. Lana Del Rey's album has been back on repeat this week & Radio is my go-to track right now. Hopefully she comes to New Zealand soon!

12. All the gorgeous makeup looks MAC created this week for NZFW (sans the untidy brows). There was some stunning, stunning looks. From memory COOP was the standout for me. Watch this space for some of the makeup created this week. 

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