NZFW Day 3 in Pictures.

So Day 3 seemed quieter in terms of the amount of shows but it was definitely a lot of fun. Highlights include meeting & chatting to new people, chatting to not so new people & the two shows that I attended. This week has been amazing so I'm actually quite sad it's almost over.

Here is what I captured today;

Makeup of the day #3. I was rushing this morning so there isn't really anything new here. I did wear MAC's Trax eyeshadow & Heroine lipstick though + mixed up the fragrances for a bit of variation.
Wore my favourite necklace of the moment from Forever New.

My little set up at the start of the day. The Leichtturm notebok I got at Pencil Boutique has been great this week.
Dani wore a vintage short today. These sleeve details made me swoon.

Salasai had a great show. Simple garments & great prints.
Backstage in the Smashbox makeup corner.A model is having her makeup applied for the Taylor Boutique show.

The lovely folk at the ORLY nail bar gave me this product to try & review today. My skin will need this post FW!
The Charlie Brown show today was amazing. I fell in love with so many of the clothes.

Some cute footwear I sneakily snapped today.
Hannah's gorgeous shoes from Hannahs & her pretty glitter toes

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  1. When I read your posts I seriously want to buy ALL THE THINGS in them. =)You make everything look so pretty!