I am officially the worst person at keeping exciting things to myself. Case in point; this post was meant to go live on Saturday but I took the pictures this afternoon and knew I just had to share it now. Before I do though here's a bit of a story. I've been obsessed with all things Karen Walker for a long, long time. This probably stems from my Aunty who loved (and still does) Karen Walker clothing and would occasionally take me to her stores growing up. Anyway, over the years I started to collect some Karen Walker jewellery which I love and wear religiously. I even purchased a dress from her 'Hi There' collection to wear to my birthday party this year.

For the longest time though I have wanted some of her eyewear. Last year the limited edition filigree range enticed me but it was the current Forever collection which got me really excited. The frames are gorgeous as is the campaign shot by Advanced Style photographer Ari Seth Cohen. For my birthday I was very lucky to receive a Karen Walker voucher for my birthday along with some money from my extended family and I knew exactly what I was going to do with it..

I purchased the Atomic sunglasses!! Aren't they so pretty? I love the subtle cateye shape, they make a change from my traditional Ray Ban-esque shades. I also love the filigree detailing along the top as well. Basically I just love them. I'll let the picture do the rest of the talking for me.. I'm so glad I got these!

*I hope you've all had a fabulous Thursday. I'm off to put some finishing touches on an Advertising assignment and watch the last episode of Gossip Girl S4 (yes, I am that far behind!).