The Week #69

The Week in Instagrams @nanawintour: *Visual diary-ing it up during some downtime this week. *What was in my satchel on Wednesday-Cupcakes and Cashmere is the perfect read for long train rides. *Face of the day on an evening out with one of my friends. *Only the best cereal ever-Lucky Charms! *New glasses=obligatory selfie session. Read the post here. *August's beauty favourites.

Must-Watch of the Week: There's been a few videos that I've enjoyed this week. Highlights include Anna's 'Get Ready With Me' and Alix's Keira Knightley inspired makeup. My favourite though was Estee of Essie Button's 'If All My Makeup Disappeared' video. A nightmarish thought for some, myself included but it was interesting to see what Estee would repurchase if this really did happen.

Product of the Week: A few products could have made their way here this week but you'll be seeing them in posts next month so I wanted to hold off on writing about them until then. One thing I have been reaching for all week is my Mac quad or trio if you will. I'm still trying to decide which eyeshadow to purchase and fill the final space with. It currently contains; Bronze, Amber Lights and Nylon which are all great neutral shades with fine shimmers running through them. Next time I go traveling I'll definitely be taking this along.

Must-Read of the Week: NY Mag published this article on what thirteen people wore to job interviews with Anna Wintour at Vogue. You'd be surprised at some of the acceptable outfits, particularly in the nineties. I was surprised that vintage seems to be a no-go. I guess it isn't current or fashion forward enough for Vogue..

Added to the Wishlist: Believe it or not nothing has made its way here this week! I might be going to Mecca sometime soon though so that may end up changing.

*Have an amazing weekend everyone. I'll be working on an assignment (last one until the break!), catching up on some reading and maybe even making some of Anna's mammoth After Dinner Mint cookies-Watch this space. xo

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