The Week #65

The Week in Instagrams @nanawintour: *ASOS beauty bargains arriving in the post *Miss Selfridge arrived in Auckland at Smith & Caughey's. I'll take one of everything please *My day off, the only silver lining of being sick during birthday week *July's beauty favourites *'Thank goodness it's Friday' Macarons *Alexa as muse.

Must-Watch of the Week: I love watching Sam and Nic's videos. A lot of the beauty gurus on YouTube aren't all necessarily trained artists but these two are and they certainly know their stuff. This video had Nic doing half her face of makeup to show what a difference certain products can place and also where particular things should go on the face. This is a really effective way of showing what particular products are used for and what effect they have in a makeup look. Definitely go have a watch of it.

Product of the Week: I do love my Rimmel waterproof eyeliners but was beginning to miss wearing black eyeliner just a little bit. I rediscovered my Chanel 'La Ligne de Chanel duo this week. I picked this up at Sephora in Paris and I don't think this can be purchased outside of Europe sadly. Anyway this duo has one matte black and one glittery black shade which I usually mix together and then apply with a #266 brush. It looks really natural, you can't create harsh lines (here's looking at you liquid liner) and it subtly adds a bit of definition to the lashline.

Must-Read of the Week: Kirsten of High Tea Dragons blogged a recipe for Lemon & Paeroa (L&P) cupcakes this week. If you're not from New Zealand, L&P is a local soft drink which happens to taste delicious. This recipe incorporates the new L&P chocolate so I'll definitely be making these sometime soon. Check it out here. Maria of Avenue M shared her favourite Instagram apps and tips+tricks here. These are all apps I use and love too. Definitely be sure to have a look at her pretty pictures on her blog and Instagram.

Added to the Wishlist: Following the Nars account on Instagram is both a good and bad thing for my wallet. A few days ago they posted a picture of an upcoming eyeshadow palette called the 'Fairy Kiss' palette. It's similar to the 'And God Created The Woman' palette but the shades aren't as shimmery. It's definitely very pretty though.

I hope you all have fabulous weekends! I'm at Uni tomorrow & then doing last minute prep before my birthday party on the weekend.


  1. That video sounds really interesting, I'll definitely be checking it out. Looks like you had a great week x


    1. Thanks Anna! I had a fabulous week. That video is so good, I've watched it a few times actually.

      S xo

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    1. Thank you Ellen. I love your Instagrams too. Those Glassons shoes you got are rad! x