Glossy Love

Some of you may know that I'm a bit of a magazine addict. I always have been and could easily spend several hours quietly reading them. Today I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourites that I've enjoyed recently.

Teen Vogue, August 2013 Emma Watson was last on the cover of Teen Vogue in August 2009 and she's made an appearance four years later to promote The Bling Ring, her latest film. This issue features an in-depth interview with the cover starlet which longtime fans will enjoy. It also contains a look at Mary Kate and Ashley's favourite things, Met Gala Coverage, handy nail art tips and tricks plus fashion editorials aplenty. One thing I always love about Teen Vogue is that they remain consistently a magazine devoted to all things fashion, whether it be high street or high end. This issue was a great one to unwind with and I really liked the editorials paying homage to punk culture without veering into unwearable territory.

Company, July 2013 If fashion and beauty blogs got together and made a print magazine this would be the result. Company is a British magazine aimed at young women. It is primarily dedicated to fashion catering for the girl who loves the high street fashion and wants to look runway ready for less. This issue looked at current fashion trends; neon, metallic, block heels, Cara Delevigne's style, Demi Lovato's rise to fame and the rise of cats online to name a few. I don't always buy Company magazine but when I do I love it and this issue was no exception. I love keeping up to date with what's happening on the British fashion, beauty and blog scenes. We really don't have any magazines like this in New Zealand so it's great being able to track this one down.

Frankie, Issue 54 Ahh Frankie, oh how I love thee. Longtime readers of this blog will know that I have loved Frankie for a long, long time. I'm surprised I haven't bought a subscription actually. Anyway, this issue contains the usual dose of radtastic things you should maybe definitely own, a guide on how to be a 20-something (perfect for me), the ultimate pep-talk for pessimists and so much more. Frankie is one of those magazines that is great to read on long train trips or if you're having a bad day. The writing is always full of wit and each article is quite cleverly done. Definitely have a look at this issue and jump on the Frankie bandwagon if you haven't already.

British Vogue, July 2013 I have always loved British Vogue. Out of all the Vogue publications I think it showcases the best fashion, contains the best editorials and also the best stories. It also seems to feature less adverts than its American counterpart which I like as well. This issue was dubbed the 'ageless style' issue and featured Helena Bonham Carter on its cover and in a key editorial. Inside you will also find 30 ageless fashion pieces, a piece about Sofia Coppola, a rundown on the Vogue festival, Charlotte Tilbury's beauty picks and more. This issue was a brilliant one all round but what stood out to me this month was Vogue's beauty pages. They showcased some fabulous products and beauty trends that are wearable. I think this issue is still available so if you're obsessed with all things high fashion and beauty then definitely add this to your basket.

What are your favourite magazines?


  1. We have the same taste in magazines! There are all my favourites :)

    1. Very good taste+magazine choices Madeline ;) x

  2. I always get Harper's Bazaar but I just picked up the new September edition of UK Vogue and I love it! They're some great editorials in there x


    1. I don't look at Harper's Bazaar very often but I've heard the British one has good beauty pages so I'll have to have a looksie. Definitely getting UK Vogue's September Issue when it comes out here. That's always good!