All That Glitters 2.0

Brushes Pictured: Mac #217 & Real Techniques Essential Crease Brush.

Stumbling upon a 'dupe' or an alternative to a high end beauty product if you will is like trying to find gold at the end of the Rainbow. This is more so true when it comes to products like Mac's eyeshadows. Other brands will imitate their packaging and create similar colours but sometimes the formula and pigmentation doesn't compare with the originals. 

All That Glitters is a standout shade from Mac in my collection and many a neutral-shadow lover's. It is the perfect champagne-pink with the subtlest flecks of shimmer shot through. As the glitter isn't chunky it is a lot more wearable than something like a pressed pigment or a shade with larger glittery flecks. I have often looked for similar shades at other counters and nothing has come close until a discovery on Saturday at the Makeup Sale..

A bin of L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows caught my eye, in particular the shade Blinged and Brilliant. After swatching this alongside All That Glitters I realised how scarily similar they are. The key difference though is that All That Glitters is less pink than Blinged and Brilliant. The L'Oreal shadow also has more of a foiled look when swatched as opposed to a sheen like All That Glitters. When these shadows are on the lid however they look virtually identical, and both have similar lasting times. I wore Blinged and Brilliant today and it lasted 7 hours with no creasing, impressive stuff!

L'Oreal shadows are only slightly cheaper than a Mac eyeshadow in New Zealand but if you're after a cheaper alternative then I'd highly recommend this eyeshadow. I haven't been able to find this shade online but there always seems to be some neutral shades in the Infallible range on counters so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

*Have you found any alternatives to Mac eyeshadows? Share them below! x

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