Real Techniques: Sam's Picks

If you've been reading my blog for a little while then you will know by now that I love the Real Techniques brushes. They're great quality, super soft and built to take the fuss out of applying makeup. When I saw the Sam's Picks set making its way into the online stores I found myself loving the compilation of brushes included, and knowing that it'd inevitably be added to my cart rather quickly. I picked this set up on iHerb and at $30 it is an absolute steal. The set is currently out of stock there but it is worth waiting for. In the meantime you can check out my thoughts on the brushes included:

Buffing Brush-I'd always put off buying this brush with the Core set as there were other brushes within that set that I didn't really need. I'm not going to be shelving my Expert Face brush anytime soon but it's safe to say this brush has taken over when it comes to base work. Blending foundation in becomes less of a chore with this brush.

Essential Crease Brush-This brush, exclusive to the set conjures Mac #217 vibes. This brush is smaller, has a tapered tip and is just as fluffy so it is perfect for crease work. Having the brush be smaller makes it less difficult to go overboard with crease colours so if you're a bit cack handed like myself then you will find this brush a dream to use.

Fine Liner Brush-Sam and Nic often use this brush in tutorials for gel liner and it makes application look so easy. At the moment I don't own any gel liners but I'm going to have a go using this with some darker cream eyeshadows to line my eyes instead.

Multi-Task Brush-This brush is another fan favourite. If you're familiar with the Powder Brush, this is essentially the same brush but with a smaller head. As the name would suggest you can use this brush for anything from blush application to setting makeup with powder. I've been pairing it with this palette and find it picks up the perfect amount of setting powder without making skin look overly matte.

Setting Brush-I already own this brush so have passed the one that came with this set along to a friend. You can use this brush for precision powder work but it is also the perfect size for concealer. I'm not sure what it is but the Setting Brush blends concealer in seamlessly and there are no tell-tale signs of where you've placed product. 

Pointed Foundation Brush-Now this is the only brush I am yet to use. Flat top foundation brushes can leave you with such a flawless finish but getting there can take a lot longer. As this brush has a pointed tip it could also be used like the setting brush for applying under eye concealer. If you own this brush let me know what you use it for because I'm currently unsure what to pair it with. 

Whether you're new to makeup or just looking to invest in some affordable, great quality brushes then this set is fantastic. If you purchase the set from iHerb then type the code JOP743 in at checkout to receive between 5-10 dollars off your order.

*Do you own any of the Real Techniques brushes? Which are your favourites?

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