Lush Christmas

There is something about Christmas and Lush that just seems to go together like Blair and Chuck. Every year they always deliver the goods and this year may just be the best Christmas to treat yourself or someone else to some Lush. You can pick up one of their prepackaged Christmas sets or you could select products and make up a gift for someone else. Either way, you are bound to find something to satisfy the needs of even the fussiest of gift recipients. 

Here's a selection of some of my favourite Lush Christmas products. If you're after any of the above be quick about getting them. Lush often sell out of their Christmas collections, particularly as Christmas Day fast approaches.

Snowman Bath Ballistic* How adorable is this Snowman? You can't really see in this photo but he has a cute orange nose and even a red scarf. The Snowman bath ballistic has a scent which is very similar to the Butterball bath ballistic. If Snow Fairy seems a bit too sweet for them then this vanilla and cocoa scented bath ballistic may be more popular. 

Snow Fairy Shower Gel This shower gel is one of the most popular Lush products. It's hardly surprising given it smells like lollies and has a subtle shimmer to it. I like to use this in the shower with a loofah or in the bath as it really foams up. 

Angel's Delight Soap A rainbow coloured soap adorned with miniature gold stars. Sold. Angel's Delight is one of my favourite Christmas products from Lush so I tend to stockpile them when they arrive in stores-I'm on my third soap now. The blend of tangerine, orange and gardenia oils leave this soap with a delicious scent. If you like the smell of Starburst lollies then you will enjoy this.

Ponche Shower Gel* One for the fruit punch and tequila lovers. This shower gel smells like the festive punches served at Summer parties or Christmas lunches. The invigorating scent will leave you feeling refreshed and is great to use in the morning, particularly if you've had a long night. 

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar* Candy Mountain has a similar scent to Snow Fairy. You could combine this with the shower gel as a gift for someone who loves sweet treats and pink. Bubble bars fill your bath with a multitude of bubbles and can be reused if you simply crumble off sections each time you have a bath. I like to mix Mango bath products with Candy Mountain as the tropical scent balances out the sugary scent perfectly.

Father Christmas Bath Ballistic* Last year this ballistic was filled with a red glitter, which is slightly awkward when you've gifted this to a male #truestory. This year this citrus ballistic leaves your water brightly coloured and with a slight shimmer to it so this is a perfect bath treat for the person who's just not so fond of sweet things. 

Rose Jam Shower Gel* This shower gel smells like Rose Turkish delight, delicious in other words. It's bound to be a popular one with your Mum or Nan and will be perfect to use come Winter time. Combine it with the Rose Bubbleroon for the perfect floral pamper session. 

*PR Sample


  1. You have me crying with jealousy over here in the US! Do you live close to a Lush so that you can go often? The nearest one to me is an hour away so I can only frequent twice a year. I've never been for Christmas time but I've been seeing all of the adorable treats they have! I know i can't make it there before Christmas though because things would be just a mad house! x

    1. Awww Lauren! Well the Lush stores are between 30 minutes to an hour from my house. There is one in the city where I go for classes though so that one's quite easy to get to. You could always order their products online??

      S xo