The Week #84

The Week in Instagrams @nanawintour: *The Summer reading lineup at present. I'm currently reading Asylum and Between The Lines. *A new season calls for a new pinboard complete with Christmas decorations. *Love Actually-viewing took place. It's mandatory in December. *New Christmas decorations from Smith and Caughey's. *The Melbourne Haul Part 2. *What's more or less been on my desk all week.

Must-Watch of the Week: I've been loving watching some of the Vlogmas videos lately and so far Alix's vlog has been my favourite. So much festiveness and it's beautifully filmed. You'll be left in a good mood after watching it. There's also been a new beauty channel discovery that I've been enjoying. Rachael Jade from Australia. We have similar beauty tastes and she mentions products we can buy and find in stores here and in Australia. Don't get me wrong, I love watching international beauty vlogs but not being able to find all the amazing things, ahem Oribe for example, is frustrating. Anyway, watch her videos because they are awesome!

Product of the Week: Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub wins this week. For some bizarre reason my elbows and ankles tend to get really dry and scaly around this time of the year. I've been using this on alternate days the last two weeks and my skin feels a lot less dry. This scrub smells divine as well. It's such a treat to use in the shower. Next on my list is the body butter in the same scent. 

Must-Read of the Week: Asylum by Simon Doonan. I tend to love most fashion books with the exception of style guides.  Simon's collection of essays about the people he's met and incidents in fashion are captivating and hilarious. He's been dubbed the David Sedaris of fashion writing and it is a very fitting label. 

Added to the Wishlist: A subscription to Frankie magazine. My love for Frankie is well documented so it's quite surprising that I haven't ever been subscribed to it. Not only would subscribing cut out the annoying wait time for it to arrive on shelves, it'd also definitely brighten up alternate months. 

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