The Melbourne Haul, Volume 2

As well as the beauty shopping I did whilst in Melbourne there were a few extra bits and pieces that I picked up too. Everything else purchased was gifts for friends and family for Christmas, some of whom read this blog so I couldn't really share those here! Again, like the beauty products I was mainly trying to get hold of things that we can't readily find in New Zealand, here's looking at you Zara and Topshop. A lot of the clothing stores in Australia are identical to the ones you'll find in New Zealand so I tended to not go into those. On the whole though Melbourne has fantastic shopping, everything is so accessible and if there's something you cannot find in one particular place, there's bound to be another store nearby you'll be able to purchase it from. Like last week's post I've attached links where possible so you can find out more about these products if you want to.

Zara Basic Shorts. Floral print is usually what I gravitate towards in most clothing stores. When I saw these Zara shorts it seemed likely they'd come home with me. What I love is that they're quite dressy with silk material and lace trimming along the edges. These could easily be paired with some strappy sandals or heels for a more formal affair if you're getting tired of dresses and skirts over the summertime. 

Lucky Magazine, October '13. I can never seem to find Lucky in New Zealand so I grabbed a copy while it was there in Mag Nation. It's a magazine that I haven't read before and now that Eva Chen is Editor in Chief I was more intrigued to see what the magazine is like. Keep an eye out for a review soon.

Topshop Floral Devore A-Line Skirt. Topshop's an interesting place. I love their clothing but a lot of the time the sizing can be a bit off. Most of the time sizing up becomes essential because the women's sizes seem to run quite small. Anyway, I saw this skirt on the rack and loved the print as well as the fact that it had velvet embellishing. I love this skirt and it is super high waisted so it'd look best with heels in Summer. I can also see it getting a lot of wear in Winter with thick tights and ankle boots.

Karen Walker Cat Cookie Cutter, available from Myer & The Department Store (if you're in Auckland). The cat cutter isn't pictured above but we also picked up the flower, which you can see. If you're familiar with the cat ring though then it's the same symbol, just in cookie cutter form. How adorable is this!? I'm really looking forward to the next time I decide to make biscuits.

Looking for Alaska. John Green's books have been on my radar for a while now and I'd been waiting for the University workload to die down before starting to read his books. I didn't realise he has written quite a few novels so I decided to get this one to begin with and then read the rest later on.

Topshop Flower Midi Ring. In case it weren't obvious I love flowers and midi rings at the moment. Topshop have such a fantastic range of jewellery and it's all very reasonably priced as well. 

Gilmore Girls Season 4, available from JB Hi Fi. So there was a bit of a promotion running on DVD's whilst we were in Australia and given how much I am loving Gilmore Girls and how quickly I seem to get through the series I decided to get Season 4. That's all there is to that purchase really..

Country Road Cap Sleeve T-Shirt. Now I know this will sound like a #firstworldproblem but does anyone else know how hard it is to find a basic plain shirt like this that isn't translucent or made of awful material? It's pretty difficult, but this one was exactly what I wanted. I'll be pairing it with the Zara shorts above.

Ja'mie: Private School Girl, available from JB Hi Fi. If you're familiar with Summer Heights High then you'll recognise the character of Ja'mie. Basically she was given her own show and this is the result. This series depicts the typical private school girl so accurately, it's quite freaky. This is a hilarious watch but if you're easily offended then perhaps give it a miss. 

Topshop Polka Dot Lace Trim Socks. When I was in London a few years ago I remember picking up quite a few pairs of Topshop's socks. That was slightly more unjustifiable this time given that sock weather is several months away. These dotted socks were too cute to resist though. I wore them with ankle boots and the lace trim hangs over the top, so cute! They're perfect and make me feel childlike in the best possible way.

Tongue in Chic. Kirstie Clements, former Editor in Chief of Vogue Australia recently released this book. In it she recounts events based on her time within the fashion industry but all names and revealing details have been changed. I'm reviewing this on the blog next week so don't want to give a great deal away just yet. If you enjoyed her first book then you need to have a read of this one as well. 

Not Pictured:

Karen Walker Home Notecards, available from Myer (I'm not 100% certain if these are available in New Zealand). I spent a good while looking at all the stunning Karen Walker homeware products. A sheet set nearly became my Christmas present but I changed my mind about them at the last minute. These cards feature all Karen's filigree animals on them, similar to the cutters you see above. Sorry I couldn't find a picture of them but if you're near a Myer you have to check them out.

Cards from ACMI. I was gutted that the 'Hollywood Costume' exhibit was no longer on at ACMI when I visited. However I did get a card with Dorothy's ruby slippers which you may have seen on Instagram. They also had a selection of Audrey Hepburn cards so I picked up one of those too. They're great for pinboards and my visual diary.

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