Blogger Love Tag

I discovered this tag over on lipstickwithsomesunshine's blog last week and it's not one I've seen around before so I thought it'd be fun + interesting to do. It's also nice to share the love for fellow bloggers every so often as well don't you think?

-What was the first blog you ever came across?

The first blog I remember reading was an Australian one called Girl With A Satchel. The author is no longer writing it sadly but it was about fashion and offered up some interesting critiques on feminism and fashion from what I can remember.

-Favourite blog reads?

There's so many! The first and most obvious choice is of course Vivianna Does Makeup. I also love and frequently read Gh0stpartiesI Covet Theelipstickwithsomesunshine and What Olivia DidMy Bloglovin follow list also features the many blogs I like to read.

-Best blogging friend?

I'm really lucky to say I have a few blogging friends, both locally and internationally. Hannah from A Lovely Look is probably my blogging BFF though. We used to go to University together so we've known each other for a while. We txt most days about all things blogging and it's often the centre of our discussions when we catch up-along with some beauty+retail enabling of course!

-Name a blog that enables your purchases?

Surprise, surprise, Vivianna Does Makeup. Ever since I stumbled upon Anna in a Daily Mix video I have been captivated by her reviews of all things beauty and fashion. Let's be real here, Anna could probably sell me anything. We have similar tastes in beauty and fashion as well which helps things along. I have her to thank for many of my now favourite products. There hasn't been a single Anna recommendation that I have not liked!

-5 blogs everyone should be reading?

VDM, lipstickwithsomesunshine, Nouvelle DailyShop Style Conquer and Liana Beauty. Again, see my Bloglovin list!

-Your favourite way to read blogs?

Bloglovin for sure! It's like a daily magazine of all my personally chosen content to follow. I love how you can easily see what posts you'll want to read and which you'd rather not. The handy 'heart' button is useful later on if you want to refer back to something as well. When I can I also like to steal my brother's iPad to read blogs in bed but when that's not an option, my MacBook Pro does the trick.

-Bloggers that inspire you?

This'll seem so cheesy but I find Zoe of Zoella inspiring. She's only 24 and has done so well with her blog, YouTube channel, and of course now she has a book deal. She's living my dream basically! I've always loved her aesthetic, particularly in terms of fashion and decor. Seriously, she has decor down. I wouldn't be surprised if she became an interior designer further down the track. I also find her inspiring because she never shies away from showing viewers when she's having a bad day and her openness with anxiety and her other struggles in life make me feel less...crazy. She's such a gem! Anna of course inspires me as well! Particularly with her editorial style content and her videos. She's always so professional and well spoken in her videos. 

-Favourite blog design/look?

Lily's of Lily Pebbles. Her design was actually also done by the designer I purchased my new template from. I love her layout, the fonts, all the different features, the clean design. Most of all I like that mint green stripe at the top of her page. It's all so beautifully presented. *insert heart-eyed cat emoji here*

-What is your favourite thing about blogging?

There's so many things I love about blogging. I always enjoy taking photos for my posts. My favourite thing though would definitely be being able to connect with readers and other bloggers from all corners of the globe. I'm lucky to call some pretty amazing bloggers friends and that leaves me feeling so grateful. Oh and I also love when I hear from readers that they've loved a product I recommended after going out and buying it themselves. That always makes my day.

-Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future?

I agree with Tamira, Lisa Eldridge needs to write a book. Although not a makeup tips and tricks sort of thing. Maybe a memoir detailing the amazing shoots and experiences with some of her clients. Something along the lines of Grace Coddington's book. Leandra of Man Repeller also needs to write a follow-up to her brilliant book from last year.


  1. This tag is so cool! Love the new template :D

    Ashley | http://artedellamoda.blogspot.co.nz/

  2. You're such a sweetheart! You're my blogging bff too! I think I might do this tag too - it looks fun! xx

    1. Aww thanks lovely! Yes you should do it. X

  3. Where did you manage to get Jo Malone in NZ o: I've been wanting some of their things for ages :(

    1. Hi Savahna. There's actually a standalone Jo Malone store in the Britomart Shopping Precinct here in Auckland. That's the only place that I know of. I think they do phone orders though so if you're not in Auckland that is also an option. x