July Favourites

July has almost been and gone, bringing with it a rather mixed selection of favourites. Makeup wasn't high on the agenda this month, given I spent some of it in bed and when I did reach for it I just headed for the products I knew and loved. As well as makeup I've also been loving a musical, a rather inspiring book and even some chocolate..

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Soft Brunette-Last month was all about the Dipbrow, which is great, but if you're in a rush to get somewhere it can slow things down. I've had this pencil for over a year now and it's still going strong. It's so easy to achieve perfect, precise brows without an awful lot of effort. 

Laura Mercier 'Radiance' Primer-My Hourglass primer is still numero uno, but to try and make it go the extra mile I've been testing a few other primers recently. This was one I picked up in Summer from Melbourne and it was slightly too glowy for my skin then. Now, however it is perfect. My foundation veers more on the matte side of things so this helps to inject a bit of glow back into my complexion. It's also great at keeping your makeup in place too.

Whittakers 'Hundreds and Thousands' Chocolate-Now it's probably a bit crazy including this in my July Favourites, given it only came out a week ago but it is so good! People seem to be divided on this one, some claim it just tastes like white chocolate but I love it. If you're familiar with the hundreds and thousands biscuits, this tastes just like the pink icing on them. I'll definitely be picking up some more of this soon.

Benefit 'They're Real' Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover*-If you saw my review of this earlier in July, you'll know that I was expecting it to be quite gimmicky. It's the total opposite. If you like to wear a lot of eye makeup, and particularly sturdy mascaras then you'll love this. The creamy product works in a similar way to a cleansing balm and gently breaks down your eye makeup. It won't irritate your eyes and makes sure every trace of product is gone. 

#Girlboss-I've already harped on about this book enough this month, more here. In short, if you're after inspiration or just wanting to kick-ass then you need to pick this one up. It's such an inspiring, motivating read.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer-Again, when I've not wanted to mess around with multiple concealers, this one's been doing the job. If I had to get picky, I'd say the lightest shade is perhaps slightly too light for me but other than that I like this concealer. It's thick, blends easily and conceals a multitude of sins. 

Les Miserables-Now I'll be honest, I've been quite obsessed with this musical since I saw the movie last year and over the last holidays I often had the soundtrack going whilst I was doing my jobs around the house. Empty house+loud, dramatic music=Happy Sophie. I don't know what it is about this musical, given the various plot points are all quite depressing but I love it. I'm kinda tempted to head on over to Melbourne to see it right now too...

Sebastian Pro Drynamic*-If you're like me and find hair washing a bit of a faff (sorry Mum...) then you need to get yourselves a can of this. Part dry shampoo, part style extender. I don't notice much of a difference in the way of styling, but as a dry shampoo this is awesome. It helps disguise second or third day hair and leaves things looking a lot more glossy. I need to get the mini size of this for my handbag.

-What have you been loving during July?

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  1. I loved the hundreds and thousands chocolate, but I think I'd prefer to eat the biscuits. ADORE the biscuits! Actually going on a 30 day paleo binge starting tomorrow, so no treats for me!

  2. I found the 100s & 1000s chocolate okay... like I didn't think it was anything special but it looks cool :p Les Mis is such a good musical! <3

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  3. Aww really? I thought it was amazing, then again I do love the biscuits so... and YES Les Mis is amazing! It needs to come here so I can see it x

  4. Oh wow!! Good on you for doing that Alisha. Good luck x

  5. Les Mis is one of my favourite musicals! I saw it at The Civic many years ago and fell in love so I was really excited by the film. I'd love to see it on stage again. And #GIRLBOSS has arrived, I can't wait to read it! xo

  6. Oh wow! I bet it was amazing on stage. It's on my to-see list along with Phantom of the Opera and countless others. Enjoy Girlboss! x

  7. Looking forward to seeing your post Sky x

  8. Girlboss sounds like such a good book, it's going straight on my reading list! The collection concealer is one of my old favourites, it has the best coverage although it is a little heavy on my skin!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  9. It's fab! I've noticed it popping up in a few people's favourites for July. I love Collection too but you're right, it is quite a thick formula. I tend to just use it under my eyes as the shade is slightly too pale for my face but it's great at brightening under the eyes x

  10. I LOVE Girlboss & Laura Mercier foundation. I was living in NYC so it was easy for me to pick some up.. I need some more so badly! Love your reviews!


  11. Thanks lovely! Living in NYC must've been such an amazing experience and lucky you trying Laura M foundation. I haven't tried that myself, but always hear such good things about it xx