What's In My Handbag #2

Not my finest selfie but this was the start of flu virus from hell so this is as good as it was gonna get..

Well I'm back, with another video for you all! This time I decided to give you a look inside my rather bulky handbag. It really is like the modern-day Mary Poppins bag, given what I was finding in there. Now advanced apologies for the somewhat stranger sounding voice as I had a sore throat+cough when I filmed this video. I also apologise for the overuse of "um" and "essential" but anyway..here's what's in my well loved handbag. Enjoy!


  1. The stuff in your bag is so fabulous! Mine's literally just bobby pins, receipts, straws and chopsticks... I'm not even joking hahah.

  2. Nice! Haha. Trust me it looks much less exciting when Uni's back in session x

  3. Great video! Your bag is way more interesting than mine :D

    Ashley | http://artedellamoda.blogspot.co.nz/