The Decor Wishlist

You may have seen over on my Facebook last month that my room's getting a fresh coat of paint soon. I'm still making my mind up about colour schemes, but when I realised I'd get to redo my walls afterwards it got me all excited. I've been collecting art prints for a few years and have always wanted to frame them. Now seems like the perfect opportunity! I've been wanting to make a Printstagram collage of my Instagram pictures for a while as well. Can you tell this is more than just a new wall colour to me? Anyway, it's had me trawling through back issues of Frankie and the virtual aisles of Etsy. There's quite a few gems to be found. Whether you want some themed art, or just something that'll look gorgeous on your walls, you're bound to find something. Here's what's caught my eye and been added to the wishlist..

Bonjour Print-It's no secret that aspects of Parisian style make their way into many a wardrobe, mine included. This print showcases the best of those, from breton tees to the iconic Chanel perfumes. It's not too touristy and would make a gorgeous gift for the girl who loves Paris. 

Evie Kemp 'The Mystic Kitty' Print-Evie's gorgeous prints have been favourites of mine for a while. I actually have one of her floral cat decals on my wall at the moment. Her series of mystic cats have often taken my fancy and if I'd won the lottery I would purchase them all. As that is not the case, and I had to choose just one I'd go for this cat. I love it! There's not much else to say here really.

Severus Snape Print-Harry Potter fans will recognise this quote and know it's from one of the most heart-wrenching moments in the entire series. The context behind this quote is what attracts me to this print but it is also one of my favourite scenes in the final film. I've also seen a rather rad HP print with motifs in the shape of Harry's scar but I couldn't find it online. 

Tina Crespo Salt Water Cure Art Print-Oh Urban Outfitters, it's probably a good thing you don't exist in New Zealand. Your clothing and homeware departments would leave me broke. This actually reminds me of a photo I've taken of the sea in Napier a few years back. Maybe that's why it's so appealing. Again I love the simplicity of this one.

The Fault In Our Stars Typography Poster-I've actually gone ahead and purchased this print already but it was too gorgeous not to include. The shipping to New Zealand was a bit steep, but this was my favourite quote from the book and I knew I'd regret not ordering it. I love the pastel hue and the general simplicity of this print. 

Chanel Mademoiselle Print, similar here-If you've been around these parts for a while, you'll know that Coco Mademoiselle was my signature scent back in the day. This print is from the lovely Emmakisstina's Etsy store. She does the most gorgeous fashion and beauty themed drawings. This print is currently not listed in her shop but there are other perfume designs available. Check out the Charlotte Olympia cat flats too. They're so cute!

*What's on your decor wishlist?

-How is it July!? Where has the week gone?? Admittedly my week's been quite quiet. It's been raining basically 24/7 in Auckland which decreases my motivation to go out. I did have a lil' trip to the city on Tuesday though. I've been doing some more shopping for mine and Tamira's swap (exciting!!). Today I'm off to see The Fault In Our Stars again  with some Uni friends which will be loverly, and sad. We'll all have our hearts broken by Ansel Elgort no doubt. I hope you're having a fantastic week! x


  1. You should definitely check out Society 6!
    The prints are amazing quality and they often do free shipping offers, which always helps. AND they have the Tina Crespo print here - http://society6.com/product/Salt-Water-Cure_Print#1=45
    (I know this because I have bought that exact print myself and have it framed on my wall!)

    Also, because I'm a shameless self-promoter, you should check out my Society6 page here http://society6.com/alishakp

    1. I love Society 6! They have great iPhone cases too. I'll definitely have to go browse their print section though. It has been a while. S xx