The Week #115

Beauty Packages Tied Up With String-A few weeks back a friend and I made a joint Sephora order using YouShop and it finally arrived a few days earlier! Here's a snippet of what I chose this time 'round. I've not had a chance to try anything yet but keep your eyes peeled for a review of that rather aesthetically pleasing palette soon...

The Fantastic Three-La Roche Posay's Effaclar products have taken the beauty world by storm. I swear by their Effaclar Duo which does wonders for oily and blemish prone skin. This September, La Roche Posay are releasing a new three-step system containing a cleanser, the effaclar treatment and a new clarifying toner. I love Clarifying Toners so I'd buy the set just for that. From what I can gather it's going to be a Boots exclusive at first (lucky UK readers), but I'll let you know if I spy it on Escentual too. 

A Not-Quite Nude Lip Love-I have three neutral lipsticks, all from Mac which I guess some people would describe as nudes. I always associate the idea of nude lipsticks with more brown-based hues which I cannot pull off. Anyway, this week I've been loving Peach  Blossom, one of Mac's Cremesheen lipsticks. Think your lips, but peachier. I love cremesheen lipsticks for everyday wear, they sit nicely on the lips and don't feel drying in the slightest. 

Wildwood-So this book is written for a younger audience but adults would find this one appealing too. I'm only about a quarter of a way through this book, the first in a trilogy but I love it. If you were a fan of the Chronicles of Narnia or even A Series of Unfortunate Events then you'll probably like this. I'm reluctant to give much away, as this is unlike anything else I've read before but if you're passing through a bookstore keep an eye out for this. It also contains gorgeous illustrations and colour plates. 

Back To The Start-My attempts to get into Parenthood have failed so far. Maybe it's just one of those shows that start slow, I'll keep persevering. For the time being though I have returned to Gilmore Girls. Given I've only seen the whole series once the whole way through I feel like this is justifiable. Reality: I love this show too much and am not ready to move on just yet. 

-I hope everyone's had a great week! It's only the start of semester but already I feel so tired. I've been getting back from Uni most nights this week, getting my pyjamas on and heading straight for bed. I've been busy with classes (standard) but I also started interning a couple of days a week for the next month. There were a few dinners this week too so yeah, busy times! This weekend I'll probably just be catching up on some readings I've neglected during the week and putting together Monday's post for you all, and sleeping. My life is so wild haha. Have a good one x.


  1. Adore that nude lip colour! Will have to try it asap.

  2. It's gorgeous! Definitely give it a swatch when you're next passing Mac x

  3. I'm looking to do a Sephora shop soon - any major recommendations? Did you find the shipping expensive in the end with YouShop? Really want to try B&B shampoo etc - everyone seems to rave about it

  4. Hi Emily! I actually did a whole post on this, you can find it here- http://nanawintour.blogspot.co.nz/2014/05/the-sephora-shopping-list.html. I'd definitely recommend the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushers though. I've not tried much from B&B but I love their Surf Spray and Conditioner. The mini section is always worth a browse as well for travel sized gems. As for shipping, it's never been too expensive, I think the most I've ever paid is around $26. x

  5. Ta thank you! Tipsy was already on my list and I think I might go for a couple of the travel sized products to try a few things out.