July Roundup

July seems to have been one of those kind of blink and you'll miss it months. Maybe that just comes with the territory of being a busy, functional adult person but it seems like July went ridiculously fast and that semester break was an eternity ago. Here's a little roundup of some of the posts you've been loving on Nana Wintour during July. As always, feel free to like my Facebook page to stay in the loop on new posts and also you can follow me on Bloglovin if you'd prefer..

Beauty Bloggers Made Me Do It-Ahh beauty bloggers, the skilled enablers. Don't knock 'em, because if you're like me then they may be responsible for many of your current stash staples. Ahem, Anna. Here's a 'lil roundup of some beauty blogger enabled buys that I've picked up and subsequently fallen in love with.

The New Eyeliner For The Cat Flick Novice-Eyeliner of the non-pencil variety is not my forte but Benefit's new gamechanger is making that less of an issue for us now. This push-up liner does take some getting used to but it's worth persevering with. Their new eye makeup remover is pretty fabulous as well. It even made its way into my July Favourites.

Blogger Love Tag-I do love me a good tag, and this one got me intrigued. As the title would suggest, there's a lot of sharing the love for some of my fellow bloggers. If you're looking for my favourites, this is where you should head.

Beauty Memories-Or the one where I share my beauty firsts and even some faux pas.There's even the cringeworthy purchase of Mac's Creme D'Nude detailed there for you. It was like concealer for my lips basically. Cringe!

-I hope you're all having a lovely week! This week's been quite quiet really. Well, quiet as things can be when you're back at University and juggling life+commitments in between. I'm back at my internship today as Wednesday's one of my class-free days. Cue early mornings and a rather long commute-I really need to get my restricted license! x

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