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The aforementioned post title is really not a term I like, but it works with this post so I'm willing to put my dislike for it aside today. When it comes to books I seem to have patterns where I'll want to read at least one memoir and a novel at once. However with novels I don't like to read too many 'heavy', emotionally draining or intense books at once so I alternate with what I'll call chick lit. Today I thought I'd share three of my recent additions to the bookshelf that fit the genre..

Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass*-Thanks to Maria I became obsessed with The Selection series this year. Some of my friends, thanks to some not so subtle persuasion became addicted to them as well. The new book in the series is a collection of all the novellas Kiera has written thus far and she writes introductions for all of them as well. There's illustrations throughout which are stunning as well as some bonus content included. I won't give you full-on spoilers for those waiting for release day, which is tomorrow (yuss!) but there is a sneak preview of The Siren, out in January. I can't wait to read this and suspect it'll be finished within hours seconds because I love this series.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han-One of my favourite booktubers, Zoe often raves about this book so I decided to pick it up recently. I've not read this yet but it tells the story of Lara-Jean, a girl who has a hatbox of letters for every boy she's loved. They're secret, until one day they're found. I'm assuming chaos ensues. This sounds like quite an awkward situation. Hmm..

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins-Stephanie Perkins' trilogy gets a lot of love on YouTube and Instagram so when Book Depository had a sale, this book got added to my cart. It's about a girl from the US who is shipped off to an English-speaking boarding school in Paris. Anna, however is not so thrilled at the idea of leaving her friends and family behind, until she meets St Clair. Aside from this book giving me mad nostalgia about Paris, it's also a really sweet story and it gives me heart emojis for eyes and I love it. 

-Which chick lit novels do you love?

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