My Week in Pictures #11

It's Friday, again! Madness I tell you. This week's been busy with a mix of working and getting through my coursework for the Fashion Industry Essentials course I am currently doing. Btw, I am doing a writeup at the end of each two-week session so if you're interested in knowing more about it, you'll be able to read about it then. So yeah, this week, busy times but all in all it's been a good week. Here's what my camera snapped..

(Above)-Saturday afternoon at the new Bluebells Cakery in Eden Terrace with Amy. She's moving back to Australia next month and I'm not looking forward to it :( but in the meantime I am making the most of our last girly sessions together.

-Some of my work for the Visual Style portion of my course. This was all the tasks that went alongside the lessons but I've since done most of the assignments. More on that next week.

-Fun packaging on some Goodness products I am trying at the moment. It's early days but I love the every evening cream

-A Joni Mitchell themed spread in an old issue of Russh magazine. If you want to see editorials that are a bit more adventurous I recommend picking up a copy of this.

-My updated moodboard. I liked the last one I did so some of the things from that made a reappearance on this one. How pretty is that glittery S though? It's from Iko Iko

-Mail time #1. Actually, not gonna lie it's been a pretty good week on the mail front. These were some of the skincare goodies I was sent this week from Antipodes and Neutrogena. I love the Hydro Boost range so I'm looking forward to having a go with these.

-One of my lovely friends in the US, Hannah sent me a bundle of American beauty bits as well as some of my faves, York Bars (kinda like After Dinner Mints) and Lucky Charms. Btw I used that Wet N Wild shadow palette today and oh my gosh-it's amazing! Seriously, I didn't realise the shadows were gonna be so pigmented and had to bring out the Bioderma because I went a bit OTT with the crease colour. Whoops..

*Have the best weekend everyone! It's a long weekend in New Zealand this weekend, yasss. I think I'll be catching up with some friends, hopefully sleeping in-I miss the alarm-less mornings too much, bingeing on Parks and Rec episodes and hopefully visiting a beach or something-I feel like going somewhere a bit further afield this weekend. See y'all on Monday with part one of my October Favourites! 

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