The Week #163

-Tales From The Back Row: This seems to be the year for great nonfiction reads, especially in the memoir/life essay department. Tales From The Back Row** isn't out until December but I couldn't resist talking about it now as it's what I've been reading this week. Amy Odell is the online editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and used to write for The Cut. She has many an interesting story to share about fashion. Her insights on street style were intriguing because while it's a part of our fashion week, it's nowhere near as intense as it is in New York. I also loved her chapter on the time she met Anna for an interview at Vogue. It's a brilliant read if you love fashion and magazines so definitely grab a copy to read.

-Letters from Lena Dunham: Lena Dunham is a person I have a lot of time and respect for. I know she gets a fair bit of hate but she's done a lot of good for feminism in general, not to mention her creative endeavours. Well now, she has a new email series called Lenny Letter. Twice a week you're emailed a new, lengthy letter if you will featuring stories, interviews and other awesome stuff. I've not had a chance to read them yet but it's definitely going to be on the cards soon.

-New Beginnings: October is an exciting month for me as I finally start my new online course. I saw someone tweeting about the Parsons+Teen Vogue Fashion Industry Essentials and it really intrigued me. Long story short, I applied, got accepted and start the ten week course next week. I'm really excited, and while it's going to be a bit weird getting back into the study mindset, I am looking forward to it. If anyone wants me to do a post or something on this once I've completed it, let me know.

-The Goodness Grocer: I always seem to find the best things when I'm just wandering aimlessly and not focused on anything in particular, so when I spotted this store in Pukekohe last week I had to go in. The Dr Feelgood iceblock freezer caught my eye, and then I saw Hurraw lip balms in the corner so it was a done deal. They specialise in all things natural, organic and delicious. It's worth the trip if you live in South Auckland.

*I hope you're all having great weekends!  This post is a lil' late sorry. There's no real reason for that other than I was busy yesterday and wasn't in the mood to blog. It's been a long but rewarding week. The lowlight was I got sick on Wednesday but the major highlight was finally getting my restricted license. This means I can now drive by myself. Yay! It's really strange driving alone and I am not used to it yet so it feels weird. This weekend's been pretty chill so far. I have a work pre-Christmas dinner tonight but other than that it's a low key affair. I'll see y'all on Monday with a book post! x

**Advanced reader copy or ARC as they are known. Thanks Simon and Schuster!

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