October Favourites

October's really been a month for favourites, with two posts on the cards of things I loved and feel deserve some airtime around these parts. Today it's all about the non-beauty favourites that have taken a piece of my heart this month...

London Rebel Kalila Sandals x Number One Shoes-Gladiator sandals are going to be the kind of shoe you like or loathe, but thanks to a pair of Balenciaga sandals that were popular a few years back I've always loved them. I had some that I wore until the straps were broken. I'd been wanting some more and when Number One Shoes had an awesome deal on shoes a few weeks back, these had to come home with me. They're so comfortable and aren't totally flat so you get a little bit of height from them too. I love them and  know they're going to get worn to death.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes*-This book though. Wow. It tells the story of Lou, a twenty-something Brit who has just lost her regular job and ends up working as a caregiver for a wheelchair bound man, Will. Little does she know that Will is going to change her life and encourage her to start living. I don't want to say too much about this book because it's one of those texts you need to read and fall in love with on your own. I highly recommend it though.

Wild EP by Troye Sivan-I've had this ep in my car this month and it's been on high rotation ever since. Troye's music gives me Summer vibes and I daydream of days poolside whilst I'm listening to it. The title track is my favourite but the whole thing is awesome. 

Yen Magazine-Yen was a magazine I used to read a lot back in the day but it's only really been in the last year that I've been picking it up regularly again. Each issue has a theme-this one's all about travel and follow the themes of wanderlust, adventures and a bit of "pop culture pilgrimage". Yen is like the cool older sibling you never had in paper form. It's also great for photography and art inspiration too. If you're in NZ or Aus, grab a copy if you've not read it before.

Scream Queens-I'm cheating a bit here as I only really started watching this at the beginning of the week. One of my friends has been on at me to watch this all month and I kinda put it off because I thought it was going to be too scary. I don't do well with horror-anything. Surprisingly though this isn't scaring me, although I don't think I'm going to be able to look at chainsaws normally for some time. Part comedy-part thriller, part whodunnit, this show is brilliant. The fashion is amazing, especially for the Chanels and the sass levels+shade throwing are on point. Emma Roberts is amazing as Chanel Oberlin. Watch it if you haven't yet and be prepared to become addicted.

You Deserve A Drink by Mamrie Hart-Mamrie's channel has become one of my favourites this year. She creates lighthearted, hilarious videos with many a popular culture themed pun and a delicious beverage to try. I knew her book of life essays and escapades was going to be fantastic and it does not disappoint. It was laugh out loud funny-her story about her Uber trip to Las Vegas to see Britney Spears stands out but there's so many amusing anecdotes in this book.

-What have you loved during October?

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-Have the absolute best weekends out everybody! Halloween's not that big of a deal in NZ, so I probably won't be celebrating although I might have a lil' candy+Scream Queens sesh to honour the occasion. I've also got some more coursework to get through+some extra work-themed things to do so I'll probably be making my way through those too. Have a good one, and I'll see you on Monday with November's reading list! x

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