Things I Bought & Liked: Volume 3

Why hello there everyone. I hope you're all well and had awesome weekends. Mine was pretty chill and a lot of reading+hot drinks happened so it was great. Today I'm back with another edition of things I bought, liked and inevitably loved+felt compelled to share with you guys. There's stationery, a splurge and even a Christmas gift idea. It's never too early to be thinking about the holiday season, let's be real, so maybe you'll find some ideas in this post. Enjoy!

2016 A6 Inspire Diary, Kikki K-Kikki K diaries have been my go-to for years now. They're available in an array of sizes and colours, beautifully presented and help to make you feel like you have your life in order. This A6 size is my favourite because it fits nicely into most handbags and doesn't take up too much space on your desk. This style also has a protective clear plastic cover so it's less likely to get wrecked if you're using it on the go. I have this diary (in a different design) this year and it still looks as good as new. I also love how this one has rad type and cute lil' inspirational messages throughout.

Taylor Headphones, Frends-I am a bit ashamed these haven't made a single appearance onto the blog yet. It's been what, three or four months since they came into my life, but who's counting.. A lot of people don't know this about me but I am an avid music listener+enthusiast. I cannot go a day without listening to it, Anyway, music enthusiasm means my standard Apple headphones were no longer cutting the mustard and so I decided to treat myself to the Frends Taylor headphones. They weren't cheap, the US versus NZ exchange rate has been sucking for a while now but so far I think they've been worth every cent. The sound quality is top notch and their noise canceling capabilities are awesome. One thing I will say though is that they can feel a bit weighty after extended wear, which tends to lead to a bit of a headache. Other than that though I can't fault them.

Photostrips, Social Print Studio-Now these are not a new purchase by any means, but seeing as Christmas is coming up I thought I'd mention them to you. Social Print Studio, formerly Prinstagram is my go-to for printing out my Instagram pictures. They do an awesome job and everything always arrives pretty fast and well packaged. These photostrips are another awesome way of sharing your snaps if you like that old-school, photo-booth style of presentation. What I like to use these for though is as bookmarks, either for myself or to gift to friends and family. They're the perfect size for marking the pages in your books. You could also use these on a pinboard or inside one of these cute frames. Side note: NZ stores, get on the unique frame bandwagon please.

*What have you bought, liked and subsequently loved lately?

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