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If you've been a longtime reader of this blog, you'll know just how obsessed I am with Etsy. It seriously is the best place to find unique, one of a kind things. Whether it's something for you (treat yo'self, amirite?) or someone else, you won't come away empty handed. When I am feeling a tad on the spendy side, I like to check out Etsy and see if anything's caught my fancy. Today I thought I'd share with you some of the stores I've discovered and loved this year as they're all fantastic. Their wares would make great Christmas gifts too..

Velvet Wolves-I think I first spotted Velvet Wolves' illustrations on Tumblr and her Lana Del Rey prints had my eyes turning into heart emojis within seconds. She also has some Great Gatsby prints, Pride and Prejudice and even an Alexa Chung zine. I love the whimsical quality her work has and just how ethereal all her portraits look. Side note: Everything is made to order so if you're after something as a gift, be prepared to wait a little while for your goodies to arrive. 

Studio Matte-This was a Buzzfeed find. Good old Buzzfeed eh.. I've been smitten with fruity prints this year and these bookmarks were too good to pass up. They're painted onto beautiful cardstock and are so adorable. My favourites are the pineapple and the one with the assortment of fruits on it. There's also has some rad metallic notebooks in this shop too which are a must if you're a stationery obsessive.

My Bookmark-To be honest I can't remember where I first saw these bookmarks, possibly Pinterest but c'mon, when you see cute lil' shoes hanging out of books, you're going to be intrigued. My Bookmark specialises in unique, clay-made bookmarks with shoes inspired by literary characters hanging off the ends. They're really awesome-my favourite design has to be this Harry Potter one. I actually got the Dorothy bookmark because I love the iconic ruby slippers from the film. How can you not though? Those shoes are stunning. I digress, these bookmarks are unique, really well made and I love them. PS-They ship from Ukraine and orders arrive crazy fast! From memory mine took just under a week door to door. 

*What have you bought and loved from Etsy? Do you have any store recommendations? Leave 'em in the comments and we can all go on a virtual/literal spending spree.

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