April Favourites

It's April Favourites time! You'll notice the beauty offerings are slim, that's because I've gone many a day this month with no makeup. Honestly though I've not really changed things up a bunch anyway so most of the products I am using+loving are ones that have appeared around these parts many a time already. The newbies though, they're top notch. We also have a book I loved, an album I've had on repeat all month and even some pens. April Favourites, let's go...**

Velvet Teddy x MAC: This lippy made an appearance in my January Favourites too. Actually this bb one is nearly all used up so I may need to think about investing in the full-sized version sometime soon. I'm not sure what to say about this colour other than it's a one-swipe, long lasting wonder. I know we're spoilt for choice when it comes to lipsticks nowadays. Formulas, prices, shades and the rest but I still think MAC's lipsticks are among the best. 

Molten Bronze x Bobbi Brown: I've tried a few different things from Bobbi Brown over the years and for the most part have liked them. They have a cute little boutique, one of the first in Australasia I believe, right near where the train station is and I saw these and was like *magpie eyes*. Anyway, they've recently launched these long-wear sparkle sticks. Formula-wise they remind me a lot of the Marc Jacobs Beauty twinkle pop eyeshadow sticks. When you apply these you feel a cooling sensation as they adhere to the lids. The colours are beautiful and perfect for everyday wear. I love the ease and convenience of eyeshadow crayons too. 

L'Eau Rosee x Miu Miu*: I've been cramming this in my bag and carting it all over the place all month because I'm that obsessed with it. I mean yes, the design is a winner but the fragrance itself is floral and fresh and easy to layer. I cannot get enough. NZ readers-you can find this in select department stores, I know Smith & Caughey's here in Auckland have it. 

Secrets For The Mad x Dodie Clark: Y'know when a book comes along at the perfect time? This would be the book for April. I borrowed it from the library but it's on my wishlist because it's something I know I will want to refer back to. It's full with Dodie's brilliant writing and words and stories and wisdom and art and apparently I've forgotten how to write cohesive sentences. In seriousness, just read it if you've been meaning to. It's a gem. 

Lust For Life x Lana Del Rey: Going back through my diary the other day, I stumbled upon an entry from January where I declared 2018 the year of Lana. So prophetic *ahem*. Anyway, I love this album and I like to play it back-to-back with Honeymoon. The titular song is one of my favourites but I also love Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems w/ Stevie Nicks, Tomorrow Never Came w/ Sean Lennon and Groupie Love w/ ASAP Rocky. The whole thing tho is a good time. 

0.38 Gel Ink Pens x Muji: Another product I'm sure I've mentioned here before. I feel like it's a bit nerdy to fangirl over pens but y'know what, these are my favourite and I am unapologetic in my enthusiasm for them. Thankfully one of my stationery-loving friends keeps me well stocked. If you're near a Muji and haven't tried these ones. Do it. They make your writing look all spidery and are a dream to write with. 

-What have you liked during April?

*PR Sample

**Idk, just run with it.

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