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Today's post feels timely-given I've been reading Dodie's book, more on that soon. I last did one of these blog posts back in February and I know it's kinda selfish but sometimes I go back and read it just for me. I feel like these list-y posts resonate too so if you like 'em, let me know and I will do them more often. Anyway, more little, great things comin' right up...

Alone Time: So I've always known I'm a sensitive person and am reading about it atm but the reason I need my quiet time to myself is largely attributed to that and makes a lot more sense. Anyway, taking time for yourself is the best. Whether it be at the end of a working day or just spending the weekend in your own company. We all need it and it's a good way to recharge. For instance, after I finish this blog post I am taking myself off to a cafe, solo, to drink coffee and read+blog plan. I often go to the movies by myself as well just because I can. 

Discovering Hidden Gems: Shout out to the amazing gelato store in Onehunga whose name I cannot remember. The best. Also to Shut The Front Door in Newmarket which is tucked away off Teed Street. Liv actually featured their Christchurch store here. They have so many dreamy things and stock some of my favourite brands like ban.do and Meri Meri among others. Well worth a visit. Stop off at Burger Burger too for a rose mojito. SO good. 

Rewatching Shows: Hi The Good Place, here's lookin' at you. Yes it's great to discover new favourites but I love to revisit my television loves as well. I've rewatched The Crown, S1 and am rewatching S2 at the moment. I really want to watch Gossip Girl again too and Gilmore Girls

Tweets from the faves: Aka the one where I cheekily tweet Alexa frickin' Chung, never expecting a direct reply and get one. Cue me dying temporarily. Basically I told her she needs to come to NZ sometime and she replied saying she wants to so #yass. 

Making Things: In the last month I've been to a mosaic class and also a class making pendants/earrings out of clay. In both I was one of the youngest people there by a long shot and that made me kinda sad. I dunno, I feel like my generation need to get on board with things like this more often. Both were such unique experiences and were such relaxing, calm ways to unwind. I'm hoping to go to another mosaic class soon and ceramics+calligraphy are always on my list. 

Good Poetry: Real great adjective use there, Sophie. Ahem. Seriously though after reading a string of poetry that didn't quite hit the mark for me, I've stumbled upon some brilliant works lately. First up we have The Hawk in the Rain which I featured in Monday's blog post. Ted Hughes's volume dedicated to Sylvia Plath. Brilliant. Will read again. Secondly, sticky notes x Indy Yelich. Now available here in Auckland. Indy's writing is exquisite. Thirdly we have Ariel x Sylvia Plath. Her most famous volume, published posthumously. I've only just started it but already know I'll enjoy it-for lack of a better word, 'enjoyment' feels a bit trite given the circumstances surrounding Plath. Anyway...

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