The Autumn Book Haul

Autumn seems in full swing as I write this. Leaves are scattered endlessly across the grass, rain seems inevitable some days-I even had to bust out the blanket-cardigan from Zara last week. It's getting serious. Carrying on the seasonal trend we have a bevy of books I've acquired over the last few months. So they're not technically all autumnal acquisitions but *insert girl shrugging emoji here*. We have a lotta fiction, some poetry and a sprinkling of nonfiction for good measure. Enjoy! 

homegoing x yaa gyasi: This month's read for Poppy Loves Book Club and I am yet to start it. I have nine days before the IRL discussion too-wish me luck. Anyway, this has flitted on and off my mental to-read list over the last year but whenever I hear or see it being mentioned, it comes back to the forefront. A novel that spans generations and shows two sisters; one working in slavery and another living the life of luxury. It's not a lengthy read so I am really curious to see how this all unfolds over the short(ish) page span. 

the hawk in the rain x ted hughes: During February, Unity Books had a lil' three day sale in a cosy little building opposite their High St store. I went in, it'd be rude not to, and left with two titles from the Faber Modern Classics series. This being one. I read this a while ago now but I really enjoyed it and bookmarked poems to go back to. It even includes The Jaguar-a poem I recognised instantly as we studied it in English class at school. 

tangerine x christine mangan*: A disappearance, unravelling friendships, and comparisons to Donna Tartt. I don't read a lot of thrillers but the synopsis of this one really drew me in, along with a fantastic write up it received in British Vogue. I feel like this'll go down a treat as the nights start to cool down. 

am i there yet x mari andrew*: Instagram lovers will probably be familiar with Mari Andrew's hilarious, incredibly relatable illustrations. Now she has an illustrative memoir slash impromptu guide to adulthood. I am yet to read it but given I enjoy Mari's Instagram so much, I'm really looking forward to getting in to it.

the price of illusion x joan juliet buck: This title has been on my wishlist for an age and now I finally have it. Also, take a minute to read that excerpt from O Magazine's review. I love my magazine editor memoirs and I have high hopes for this one. In fact, I would've read this sooner but recently finished a book about Plath's time at Mademoiselle magazine and felt like I needed a hiatus from glossy-land. Anyway, no doubt you will hear more about this if I love it.

girl meets boy x ali smith: The Ali Smith infatuation continues. Described as a tale of change for the modern world, it offers new twists and turns on the classic love story. Knowing Ali Smith it'll be a neverending, Wonderland-esque escape of a book. Side note: I don't personally know Ali, I wish.

crystals x yulia van doren: One of my lovely friends surprised me with this book recently-I suspect because she got sick of my crystal questions haha. Thank you S! To be honest I haven't really had a chance to look at this much yet but I will be delving in because I am interested in knowing more and finding out which ones I should have on me at all times and vice versa. 

the remains of the day x kazuo ishiguro: Another Unity sale buy and another book I have wanted to read for ages along with Never Let Me Go. Admittedly, this is partially so I can watch both movie adaptations. I purposely don't know a lot about it so I can't really tell you much in the way of expectations but I quite like that I'm going in with no real ideas about it. 

-What have you read lately?

*Review Copy

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