The Beauty Files, Vol. 7

Well it's been a while since beauty blogging has made any sort of an appearance around these parts. I feel like I say that every time now when I share anything remotely beauty-related but it's true. Beauty and all its goodness are definitely still things I love, but it's just not what I want to write about all the time. Anyway, this month I have some new things to show you-actually this whole post is essentially about newness. If you're feeling indulgent, or in the mood for a good ol' #treatyoself2018 sesh, keep reading...

Something new: L'Occitane x Rifle Paper Co*. When one of my favourite stationery+designer paper brands gets their floral goodness all over L'Occitane delights, it's bound to be dreamy. I was kindly sent the two hand creams; Shea Butter and Rose Shea Butter and they smell so good. I always have hand cream on me at work because the sanitiser I use can be a tad drying so these'll be put to good use. I kinda have my eye on the mini set too-I can't help myself! I think there'll be more products in this collaboration launching in the coming months so stay tuned. 

Something loved: Miu Miu L'Eau Rosee*. A new extension to the Miu Miu family is this delightful offering. Forget what you expect of rose scents as this is far from the heavy, overpowering kind of thing I was anticipating. Instead we have something softer, with notes of blackcurrant, lily of the valley and musk. So really it's far from your standard rose scent. It reminds me a lot of the Baies candle scent from Diptyque, albeit slightly softer and I love that about it. It's very wearable and not too intoxicating. 

Something unconvincing: Glamglow My Little Pony Glittermask. Not linking to this because first and foremost, why does glitter belong in skincare!? Secondly, why does it need to be in different colours? A mask is a mask. I'm not sure-the unnecessary addition of glitter to products does my head in. Moving right along...

Something rediscovered: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I haven't been using this concealer for a while, favouring the soft matte complete concealer instead. Honestly though I'm not sure why I stopped because this concealer is such a godsend for quick, all-over coverage. Aka; the one to reach for when I'm feeling lazy af and caffeine-deprived in the morning. They seem to have increased their shade range too which is always a bonus. 

Something(s) lustworthy: / / Coco Mademoiselle Intense x Chanel, which is as it sounds, a souped up version of the original. There's not much more to say here, just that I am one hundred per cent dreaming of it. Get in my life. Etc. Etc. / / Naked Petite Heat Palette x Urban Decay. Still no word on when this is launching in the Southern Hemisphere but this blend of colours looks beautiful. I am really loving matte eyeshadows at the moment, particularly in more orangey, rusty tones and this looks right up my street. 

-What beauty bits have you been loving lately?

*PR Sample

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