How To Cull Your Makeup Like A Boss

Let's be real, I am not a fan of decluttering, spring cleaning, whatever you want to call it. I will do it but I really have to be in the mood to and will want to keep going until I am done. That being said, I procrastinate like nobody's business so it often takes me a while longer to do. Anyway, a few months back I did a major beauty cull. Across everything; makeup, skincare and fragrance primarily. It was major and honestly the amount I got rid of made me feel an enormous sense of relief. For many reasons. Honestly though, I am one person, with one face. I don't do makeup for anyone else and my collector-like tendencies have really been dialed back a notch. I still love makeup and get the odd bout of excitement and am drawn like a magnet to things but I don't need as much and don't buy as much as I used to. I wouldn't call myself a culling pro but today I thought I'd share a bit of my process when I did my beauty clear-out recently...

Swatch Everything: I mean, everything. This helps me work out things like what formulas I like, and particularly which products are performing better quality-wise. I am a self-confessed beauty snob but if the formula is particularly unique or decent, in it stays. Example; I recently cleared out most of my pencil liners, in favour of my Colourpop cheapies. They perform so well and come in an array of colours. 

Similar Colours: This applies particularly to my vices; lipstick and eyeshadow. It's also again where swatching comes in handy. So basically you need to be ruthless here. I'm sure many of us gravitate to similar colours. For me it's nude lipsticks and bronze/champagne-y coloured glitter eyeshadows. Old habits die hard. So yeah, be ruthless. If you have duplicates; cut them out. 

The sensory test: Is it dried out? Has the colour changed? Is the gloss all gloopy and yuck? Does it smell rank? Get. Rid. Of. It. Those little pot symbols on the back of products with a month guideline are a good thing to go by as well although powders tend to last longer. Creams and gels not so much. Mascara for me tends to last anywhere between 3-6 months. Trust your instincts here and if you're unsure, google. 

Usage: For me, if it's not been used in 3-6 months, it's an instant cull. I do have some products like pigments that don't get used as often which'll usually survive this process because they're like 'special occasion' staples but for virtually everything else, it's hasta la vista. 

Pass On/Sell On: I'm lucky enough on occasion to be gifted product and whilst I don't get PR parcels every day, or even every week, sometimes I find myself overwhelmed. If it's something I know I won't review and use, it goes into the pile for friends or a pile for women's refuge. If it's something I have purchased myself, I sell it on Trade Me usually. 

-What are your tips for decluttering makeup?

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