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Much like podcasts, I feel like the old-school, digital newsletters are having a comeback. They sure beat the almost spam-like advertising from online stores. The junkmail for the 21st century/pigeons of the Internet, am I right? Newsletters are more for settling down with, discovering longer pieces to read and like and just having something to look forward to in your inbox. Today I thought I'd share six of my favourites that I read, like and bookmark to visit all the linky goodness they include for later on...

Monday Motivator x Betty Magazine: So technically I usually read this on a Tuesday because of the time difference but hey, it's still early enough in the week to be inspired and a treat to read. Charlotte shares some weekly wisdom and food for thought, as well as fun links and of course things to buy. Honestly, her recommendations are so good. Well worth a peruse. Subscribe here.

Big Feels Club: BFC was first brought to my attention via frankie magazine towards the end of the year. After reading their interview with founders Honor & Graham, I went to investigate their website and immediately signed up. Every second Monday, a new newsletter makes its way in to your inbox. For anyone dealing with life shiz and in need of perhaps a comforting read+some darn good advice, this is for you. Subscribe here

Wild Kin x Urban Wild: My pal Brit has a radtastic newsletter that she curates biweekly full of fantastic links from around the interwebs. She also lets you in on what she's been up to and shares handy links to all her blog+vlog goodness. It's the place to get sneak-previews of her awesome babe vibe interviewees as well. Subscribe here and scroll down to the end of the page. 

Sunday Duvet Reading x What Olivia Did: My internet pen-pal has a newsletter all her own that I love settling in to read on a Monday morning. Again, time differences and the like, not a terrible thing. Landing in your inbox most weeks, Liv rounds up the best of the interwebs, shares her blog posts to revisit (I'm a Liv fangirl, so chances are I've read them already), ideas worthy of a RT, someone cool to follow and more. Subscribe here, again scroll down. Scroll scroll scroll!

Read. Look. Think. x Jessica Stanley: I can't remember how I stumbled upon this brilliant newsletter-possibly through someone else's blog. Anyway, read+look+think is a curation of, as Jessica puts it, "the thoughtful, complex, beautiful and good." The newsletter name is pretty self explanatory and each is laden with plenty of things to peruse. There's not a regular schedule with this one but I'd say you can expect to find it in your inbox at least once or twice a month. Subscribe here

the frankie morning news x frankie magazine: Ahh, my beloved frankie also has a newsletter. It's pretty snazzy, brightening your inbox weekly. Expect to see things to make, music to look at, books to read, thing to cook-then eat among other things. If you're too time-pressed to read their blog, it also serves as a best of the best of that. Subscribe here.

-What newsletters do you read and like?

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