Five Things: April

Hello and happy Thursday to y'all. April is here and rather than a list of five 'things' per se, I have a selection of clickable links instead. They're mainly all stories but for those of you who want a bit of digital retail therapy, you're sorted here too...

Our most private collections: I seem to flit in and out of the Man Repeller blog but right now I am firmly back. Their articles have been on point lately and I am one hundred per cent here for it. Anyway, my inner nosy-parker loved this story on people's private collections. It gives me throwbacks to the 00's girl magazines who'd share stories like this as well. Anyway, well worth a read as is the Man Repeller archive. Do it. 

You are going to be okay: Thought Catalog is a site I stumbled upon early in my university days and would frequent regularly. They feature brilliant pieces but this one particularly resonated. I keep it bookmarked for days when everything seems to be going pear shaped. It's short but effective-I've even forwarded it to friends in need a couple of times as well.

Tavi Gevinson, photographed x Tom Newton

Where to start with Ali Smith: As the title gives away, Laura has written an article for Book Riot of where to start with the sometimes daunting writing of Ali Smith. I completely agree that The Accidental is a perfect place to start, followed by How To Be Both. Her short story volume Public Library is a great introduction as well. 

Shop small: The online independent maker-scene is one of my favourite places to find new illustrators and artists to support. Rebecca shared this list of her favourite stationery brands+art prints as well as places to buy cute treats for your doggos. I'm lusting after things from Wildflower Illustration Co. as well as Sonni & Blush.  

Tavi Gevinson: Prepare to feel old because Style Rookie recently turned ten. Anyway, in honour of the occasion and Tavi being one of the faces for Kate Spade's new fragrance, she shared her Top Shelf over on Into The Gloss. It's worth a peruse and her bathroom is seriously dreamy. 

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