Brilliant Blogs, Edition 2

Sometimes it can be frustrating trying to find a blog which covers so many topics and ensures they have the right balance of everything. I can safely say though that One More the blog of local designer Evie Kemp manages this perfectly.

Evie's blog looks at a range of topics, as you can see above and I particularly love the Interiors and Fashion posts which she does as she sources the most beautiful images, and presents them so well. Yes I am a fan of nice, clean layouts + pretty pictures.

See, look how pretty her posts look?

When Evie isn't blogging she can be found illustrating and designing, oh and of course thinking grand thoughts. She designs some seriously cool jewellery and clothes so I recommend you visit her site here as well. At the moment all her printed shirts are on sale to make way for lovely new things so if you're interested in them, get one before they're all gone! And also go like her Facebook page. 

Oh and if you like glitter (who doesn't) then you should definitely check out the DIY Glitter Boots post, as glittery shoes are now reemerging as a popular trend thanks to the likes of Miu Miu. Seriously though there is definitely something for everyone on Evie's blog so be sure to browse your life away!

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