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The following is the foreword from British Photographer, Tim Walker's book. One of my greatest loves is storytelling and in particular I have always enjoyed learning other people's stories.

So sit back, relax and enjoy what Tim Walker has to say about Fashion and Photography...

There is a fancy dress shop on the Hammersmith Road in London owned by two Turkish sisters. You will recognise it by the big red and white painted type in the window spelling out "THE CARNIVAL STORE". I used to live nearby, and, when I first started to take pictures I'd go there looking for clothes to photograph people in.

The shop has rail upon rail of things filling its four rickety floors. Things which remind me of other things; Green shoes with up-pointing toes, a dirty piece of tulle dropped by Peter's shadow, the straw hat left by the scarecrow who fell asleep on the way to the Emerald City.

As I'd go about the shop, from floor to floor, I'd get lost in my thoughts. When I think about it, photographs to me are really a kind of dream state. It's not about a good dream, or a bad dream..it's more that your day hazes and your mind drifts towards only being concerned by your imaginings...

...and as you tour your imagination you want to photograph what you are seeing...BUT the only way you can do this is by BELIEF...really utterly absolutely passionately firmly believing...you see, you are SO very keen to be able to show what you've seen that somehow it becomes true, and, the picture you end up taking becomes a souvenir, a piece of proof brought back from the daydream.

Tim Walker, London 2008.

-Image Credits

Kate Moss photographed for US Vogue by Tim Walker, April 2012. Retrieved from here.

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